Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 14 (new)


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The doctor comes and says Laksh has got conscious,u all can go and see him.And ragini has not got conscious yet,everyone gets worried.
Swara:is ragini fine doctor?
Doctor : she is fine but there is some complications…
Swara:what complications?
Doctor:ragini has got a serious injury in head and you all have take very good care of her. You all have to keep her happy and she shouldn’t suffer at all as it can prove very dangerous for her ,she can even die also.Everyone gets shocked and broken hearing this.Nurse comes and says patient(Laksh) wants to meet you all.Everyone gets inside Laksh wards and Laksh sees swara and gets conserned.
Laksh : swara are you fine?
Swara: I am fine…
Laksh :oh god! Now how will our engagement happen ?

Everyone gets shocked .Swasan gets worried.
Durga Prasad : Why will your engagement happen with swara,it’s going to happen with ragini,right.
Swara tries to gives some excuse but fails…
Laksh : what are you saying,my engagement is going to happen with swara not ragini?I love swara not ragini.
Everyone is shocked and thinks that how did such a big misunderstanding happened.
Laksh :Even swara knows it,ask her.

Everyone looks at swara ,swara tells everyone about the misunderstanding and how did this happened?
Everyone gets worried,sharmishtha breaks down thinking of ragini’s health and thinks to not tell ragini about this now.Ragini gets conscious and godadia family takes her to home,meanwhile swara messages Sanskaar to meet her.Sanskaar comes to her house backyard ,swara also.Swara is crying a lot and Sanskaar is trying to console her.
Swara : Sanskaar how did this happened? I can’t let ragini suffer ,u heard na what doctor said,if something happens to her…
Sanskaar : But what can we do?
Swara: Sanskaar I have an idea,I just need your support .
Sanskaar : of course, I will help you,tell me.
Swara tells him the idea .

Sanskaar : Swara are you sure you want to do this,I hope you know after this a lot of people will suffer . It can also be a wrong decision.
Swara :I know sanskaar but I have no other choice….I can’t ragini be hurt she should get the happiness she deserves…
Sanskaar :ok then I am ready to do this.
Scene shifts
Sanskaar reaches mehashwari house with swara.Meanwhile swara gadodia family to come and they have also reached(except ragini as swara told to not bring ragini).Now everyone is present and also Laksh.
Sanskaar : Me and swara wants to say something.

Precap : Sanskaar says he wants to marry ragini and swara says that she is ready to marry Laksh.

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Credit to: Alia

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