Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 12


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It’s morning , Swara goes to ragini’s room to talk.
Swara: Ragini I want to talk to you.
Ragini : Even I want to talk to you. You know what,I am so happy,I love Laksh a lot.I never felt so much happiness before.I am now, afraid if my happiness get spoiled but I know until you are with me,you won’t let my happiness get spoiled.
Swara gets sad thinks that ‘I can’t tell ragini the truth,she is so happy,I can’t ruin her happiness,I have to do something. I have to talk to Sanskaar ‘ Sharmishta comes from behind and tells that
Sharmishta: Ragini engagement has been fixed, it is after 3 days.
Ragini gets happy hearing the news and hugs swara.

Scene shifts
Swasan are at backyard of swara’s house.
Swara is walking left to right.Sanskaar is standing.
Swara:Sanskaar I can’t tell ragini the truth, she’s so happy,I can’t ruin her happiness, I have to do something .
Sanskaar:But what can we do?
Swara( smirks) :we have to make Laksh fall in love with ragini.
Sanskaar: But how? He loves you.
Swara(biting her nails): Even I am thinking the same.Idea!
Sanskaar : kya?
Swara:Hum Laksh aur ragini ko ek room main bandh kar deta hai.
Sanskaar: Ara Duffer aisa pyaar nahi hota.
Swara:What ? Duffer and me.Don’t call me duffer again.
Sanskaar:Duffer ko duffer nahi bulaunga to kya bulaunga.Actually I have a name for you ‘duffer’ achsa main tumha duffer bulaunga.
Swara :I hate you!
Sanskaar:But I love you.
Swara :kya?
Sanskaar(nervously): I mean I love your name,duffer.Leave all this I have an better idea ,leave all this let’s arrange a dinner party at a restaurant for 4 of us Laksh,ragini u and me.
Swara : idea is not bad ,ok done.

Scene shifts
First Sanlak reaches and then Swaragini .
Laksh: swara I want to talk to you.
Swara eyes sanskaar and says
Swara: Laksh I talk to make an important phone call,then I will come.She goes.
Sanskaar : I also make a phone call.
Laksh:But Sanskaar
Sanskaar:it’s office related,I have to go.He also goes.Laksh and ragini are feeling awkward.
Laksh to ragini:Both of them went,and coincidently they both have a phone call,funny right.
Ragini: Yes
Laksh: by the way you are looking beautiful.
Ragini :Thanks, you are also looking nice.
Laksh (acts to be angry) :I called you beautiful and you are calling me only nice,it is not fair.
Ragini : Accha baba! Sorry you are looking very handsome, happy.
Laksh:Yes,a lot.They both laugh .
Swasan sees them.
Swara : looks like ,they are bonding.
Sanskaar : I hope so.
Swara : I pray that soon Laksh also fall in love with ragini.
Sanskaar : that too before their engagement.
Swara: yeah right.
Sanskaar: I have an idea
Swara: what?
Sanskaar:come with me?
Swasan goes to raglak.
Sanskaar: what a boring dinner yaar,look everyone is dancing there.Let’s go and dance there.
Laksh(forwards his hand to swara) : May I have a dance with you.
Swasan eyes each other with tension that if ragini gets a doubt,She thinks she should ask ragini before the going on dance then she won’t get doubt,
Swara murmurs to ragini : may I have a dance with your would be husband m
Ragini:of course, swara he is also your friend.
Then swara gives her hand to ragini.
Sanskaar thinks he should also dance with ragini.
Sanskaar :May I have a dance with you,ragini.
Ragini (hesitantly): yes
Ragsan and swalak goes to the dance floor, sanam re plays.
They dance,Ragsan gets jealous seeing swalak .And ragini constantly eyes Laksh.
Sanskaar(while dancing): R u getting jealous ?
Ragini:Y will I get jealous that to of swara she is my sister .By the way,I don’t know about me but I can sense that you are getting jealous.
Sanskaar:who me ,no,y will I get jealous.
Ragini : Look Sanskaar don’t lie to me, I can clearly see in your eyes that you love swara.And I think you should tell her.
Sanskaar:You can see it but she can’t but don’t tell anyone as for now,keep it a secret.
Ragini : Only if you are my friend,as friends keeps secret .
Sanskaar(laugh): ok,so will u be my friend?
Ragini:Sochna parega( laughs ) yes of course.
Partners swips and sanskaar gets swara and Laksh gets ragini.

Very big ,right ! For the first time I have write so big.I wanted to write more but it would have gone very very big than ,so swasan and raglak dance will be in the next episode. Don’t forget to comment.

Credit to: Alia

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