Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 11


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Swara is in her room,thinking about Laksh’s words. She is crying,she is not understand anything and says to herself.
Swara (in a crying tone):How did this happen,such a big misunderstanding ,Ragini loves Laksh ,their marriage is about to get fixed and Laksh is saying that he doesn’t loves ragini.Whatever it takes,I won’t let ragini get hurt,I have to do something.I have to tell ragini the truth.Just then Sanskaar calls her. Swara doesn’t picks up the call.Sanskaar again calls her and then picks up the call.
Sanskaar : Very good swara, I am with you and you are not trying to appease me,in fact , you didn’t even said sorry to me,once.This is great.
Swara( she is not able to speak) : I….I am s…sorry,Sanskaar but I…I don’t w…want to t….talk now.
Sanskaar : swara ,what happened are you alright?Why are you crying ?
Swara :s…s..sanskaar , can u meet me ?
Sanskaar : of course swara,I am coming.
Sanskaar reaches outside swara’s house. Swara comes there completely broken,Sanskaar gets worried seeing her.
Sanskaar : swara,what happened are you alright?
Swara(cryingly) : S….s….sanskaar…
Sanskaar : what happened?

Swara : S…sanskaar L….Laksh doesn’t love r…ragini.
Sanskaar (angrily): here I am getting worried for you and you are joking,and if he doesn’t love ragini then why is he getting married to her.
Swara shouts : because he is under misconception ,he thinks that he is getting married to me.
Sanskaar (tensed look ): what ? What are you saying? How can such a misunderstanding happen and why does he wants to marry you?
Swara: because he loves me.
Sanskaar gets shockefd hearing this.
Swara : Sanskaar pls don’t tell,I told you because I trust you.First I need to ragini.
Sanskaar (standing in shock): Do you also love Laksh ?
Swara : what is your problem Sanskaar? Here I in such a tension and you are saying that I love him or not.It’s not the priority now,the priority is how to tell ragini about this.
Sanskaar holds her shoulder and says
Sanskaar:Do you also love him ? Swasan have an eyelock .
Sanskaar leaves her shoulder .
Swara: I will go now.Anyways I have to tell ragini about this…bye.

Precap: Laksh and ragini’s engagement date gets fixed.

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Credit to: Alia

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