Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 10


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Everyone leaves after having dinner.Swara looks at Sanskaar but he turns his face.On the way back home, swara gets a message from Laksh asking to meet him at the backyard of the house. Swara thinks why does he wants to meet me maybe he has some surprise for ragini and to know that ragini will it or not he has called me.After all.Everyone reaches home .
Swara says to ragini : Ragini, I forgot my phone in the car, I will go and get it.
Ragini :ok,come fast.
Swara comes to the backyard and sees a carpet of roses. She gets surprised and starts walking on them.Swara sees I love you written with flowers and the whole area is decorated with lights and flowers . Swara thinks Laksh is so romantic, he did so much arrangements for ragini.Laksh comes from behind and blocks swara’s eyes with his hands.
Laksh removes his hands.
Swara: Wow! Laksh it’s so beautiful, I am sure r……..
Laksh:sshh ! (Laksh forwards his hand) May I have a dance with you.
Swara gets confused and thinks that maybe he is asking as a friend. And she gives her hand.And they dance on (Bolna-Kapoor and sons).
After dance Swara says to Laksh.
Swara :When are you going to call ragini ?
Laksh: why will I call ragini this arrangements for you,for us.So, that we can spent some time ,we are about to get married.At least,leave her for,now.
Swara gets shocked hearing this.
Swara(in a tensed tone) : Laksh what are you saying? Are you in your senses? I mean our marriage but how is it possible?
Laksh (in a happy tone) : I know,it wasn’t possible if mom haven’t seen us together that day in the market. I am so happy that we are getting married ,I love you so much and I am very very happy that you also love me,that’s why you agreed to the marriage.
Swara is shocked and very confused that how did this happen,she wasn’t in a state to say anything.Laksh hugged her but she didn’t hugged him back.
Annapurna calls Laksh, asking him to come back home. Laksh says to swara.
Laksh : Swara I got to go, mom is calling me,bye.
Swara is devastated ,ragini’s words that she loves him ,flashes in front of her.

Precap : Swara is tells Sanskaar about the confusion, Sanskaar is shocked hearing this.

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Credit to: Alia

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