Swaragini – SwaSan Mono Episode


Hey guyz.. I thought to write mono episode story. After yesterday’s episode I am damn angry on swara. I want to burst it out. I know this won’t happen n d serial that’s y.

After – swara caught uttara’s ear ring at the place where ragini was kept. She confronts her and uttara acpts.

Swara is sure ter must be nail marks in right wrist. Laksh wantedly make sanskar get scratch marks in his wrist sumhow. Swara by seeing this concludes sanskar and uttara kidnapped ragini and thinks Sanskar burnt d red shawl to save his sister. She scolds him, didn’t allow sanskar to speak and brks her relationship with him. When she was about to leave she see laksh removing his fake skin in his remove to apply ointment. Laksh though first deny and later acpt tat did this to separate them and get her back. She slaps him and leaves to her room.

Sanskar sitting in his couch with tears in eyes. He is hurt completely as the one whom he loved the most , been with him, changed his bitter past to fruitful life, whom he thought as his blood, breath and life, didn’t trust him. He wanna shout out and cry. It is paining him nd pinching him. He is throwing pillows out of frustration and pain.
Swara is guilt and enters the room and finds shocked seeing sanskar’s actions. She stops him and turns him to face her. Sanskar is angry (hurt actually). So he doesn’t face her but looks down. Swara explains everything. No reaction from sanskar.
Swara : I’m saying it to you only sanskar
Sanskar : ok
Swara : what ok ? I’m saying you such a big thing
Sanskar : so ??
Swara : Aren’t you shocked ?
Sanskar : No
Swara : why are you replying in one word?
Sanskar: what shud I do now swara ?
Swara: Sorry sanskar. I have mistaken you. I just blvd proofs. I am really sorry sanskar.
Sanskar doesn’t rly.
Swara: Sanskar I’m apologising to you only. Why r u standing like statue?
Sanskar: Haan swara. I’m a statue and I don’t have any feelings
Swara with tears (not flowing) : I’m sorry for hurting you.
Sanskar : What ???? Sorry ? He laughs.. sorry ?? Hmm sorry ?? Sorry.. he is just repeating.
Swara place her hand on his shoulder and says : won’t you forgive your friend ??
Sanskar: friend …?? hmmm
Swara: plz say something sanskar
Sanskar : what to say swara ?? I’m hurt swara.. I’m really hurt.. he kneels down and looking the floor he burst out crying. He cries loudly.
Swara’s tears fall down and she holds sanskar to help him to stand. He slowly pushes her hand and get up after crying for long time.

Sanskar : what mistake did I do swara?? What mistake ?? ? yeah i had. I loved a girl truly and bcoz of loving me she lost her life. I thought d reason is my family. I couldn’t forget her, lived the life like hell for 5 yrs and came her for revenge. I thought I lost my love coz of laksh and I came here to stop him from getting his love. But each time when I was hurting u, it hurted me more even at that time.(wen he cudnt c her dancing without senses and saved her wen mohini tried to stab her with knife). On the day when you made realise my mistakes, I regretted my actions and felt guilty and pray god to give even my happiness also to you. But fate brought us together. Yes swara I fell in love with you as days passed but didn’t force me on you. We have been together for only few months bt understood you more than I understand abt myself. I took an oath to be with you in all circumstances. I wished to be with you always atleast as a friend not even best friend. Now I couldn’t take it that u didn’t even considered me as a room mate. It’s hurting me like anything swara.. he cries out

Swara : sanskar u r ma best friend
Sanskar : but u never trusted me without proofs
Swara : Sanskar I stood with you wen ragini said u tried to molest her.
Sanskar : coz u know at that time ragini will do anything to get us out from this house.
Swara : but without proofs i blvd u
Sanskar : bt wat abt now ?
Swara : sanskar u urself buried red shawl and I saw it with my eyes.
Sanskar: even when many proofs wer against u I blvd u swara
Swara : but sanskar. . .

Sanskar : what swara ?? After a long I got my family. U only made me to realise their love. I know coz of our fake marg drama I won’t get their luv. But I stood with you swara coz coz of u I got them. When you said about adharsh bhai’s gf at d vry first time, I blvd u tat u can’t misunderstand. When we went to the lodge room, evry1 said u r wrong. But I was sure something is wrong and u r right. When I proposed you, again nd again u insulted me nd ma luv eventhough I didn’t force you to acpt me. Aftr I made myself clear u blvd me. On d next day of Ragini’s truth revelation laksh said me he wants to apologise to u. But without listening to me u fought wid me and said no frdshp btwn us. Throughout Ragini’s kidnapping case, all the proofs, each nd evry proof were against you swara. But I trusted you completely blindly that surely u didn’t do and thought u can’t do. You forgave ragini who tried to kill you, snatched your love and even after revelation who made you look characterless infront of all. U said adharsh bhai is having affair. I blvd. I said ragini is faking memory loss but u didn’t blv me and said u see truth in her eyes. But what abt tat nw ?? Ok lve tat. U didn’t c truth in my eyes right ?? ( tears rolled down from his eyes). I didn’t blv bade ma and mom wen tey showd and said many proofs against u. But u blvd laksh wo asked u to answer to their questions. U blvd laksh wen tat video of ur kiss is made and evn aftr he didn’t trust u and married ragini, u blvd his words against me. But u didn’t blv me.

Swara : i saw u burying the…….
Sanskar : haan swara i buried not to save anyone. I thought aftr buring it kidnapper may cum with another plan and he ll somehow get caught. Kidnapper is roaming around in night. So i was awake late in night to catch. After many incidents I found that he/she is trying to trap u. They must be following u and ll b surely behind u. He ll be hearing ur conversations. Thats y i didn’t say anything and kept silent. But u tuk me wrong.
Swara is ashamed very much.

Sanskar : i am not shocked that laksh did kidnapping but I’m very pained that u didn’t blv me. Do you think evn aftr knowing d truth that I ll allow people to point their fingers at u ??? What swara ??. He makes fed up face and show what by raising his hand.
Swara : Sanskar….
Sanskar : even dog is faithful swara. U didn’t even consider me like tat.. he turns his face and ctrl his tears.

Sanskar : u always say trust in most important. That is not in our friendship. Sry don’t knw wat s d name of tis relationship. He turns and asks her
Sanskar in low voice : I am also a human swara. I am also having feelings. Don’t i have right to have happiness in my life ?? Am I a that much sinner ?? Why swara ??? Whyyyyy ??
Swara cries : sorry sanskar I am feeling very guilty. I am so sorry. I assure u this will not happen again. V ll b frds like b4
Sanskar. Sorry swara. Trust shud be gained by actions not by wrds. I didn’t say all tis to gain ur trust. May b I’m not that mucj trustworthy to you.. its ok. Sorry if i have hurted u. I didn’t mean anything. I said without thinking. Sry.
Swara : sans…

Sanskar : let it be swara like u said our relationship broken. But i assure u even now and ever… I will be with you always. Any bad thing should touch me before it comes to you. I ll never let anything bad happen to you. I ll trust u blindly even if the whole world is against u. Feel free to share prbms wid me and I ll hold you before u fall. I want to be alone swara.. take care bye..

Swara cries and leaves to badi. She comes to her room and remember all her memories with sanskar – how he saved her frm mohini, how he helped her to reveal ragini and unite her parents without being selfish, how he blvd her wen all proofs wer against her and how she doubted him without thinking. She cries very hard and his rejection of frdshp. .

Very sorry swara fans.. evn I am also her fan. But for d 1st time i hate her yest. She didn’t blv sanskar evn aftr ragini said. She doubted him immediately d scene she saw hm burning without rethinking. I hated her in yest epi. Thats y. I knw tis scene won’t happen in serial as sanskar will forgive her quickly hiding his feelings. So i thot to write. Sorry if I had hurt any of ur feelings..
Thank you ?

Credit to: Tara

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  1. I feel the same…
    N hate swara for not blvng sanskar..
    Loved your ff..

  2. I luv ur post! I support u..i also like swara d way sanskar gives in to evrything she says n does ..its not done.hez also a human for gods sake

  3. the best one don’t feel sorry becoz you wrote the correct thing these crap writers should also show this in their serial otherwise they r really the crap ones

  4. As u said that you wrote this fanfiction to show how angry you, but u know after reading it I am feeling a bit relaxed (Phew!) ??
    He should have said all this in the serial, so that Swara could know what she has done.
    Now, I just want Sanskaar to be there in the serial, I don’t care whether it’s Swasan or Swalak! ☹️?

  5. Well done Tara I’m so glad u came up with this!! Phew meri bhadaas bhi nikal gayi… I really hope something like this is telecasted I really do… On whole I enjoyed it a lot??

  6. its nice yaar
    I wish this was shown in the serial

  7. No Tara you have done the right thing

  8. True..every word of sanskar was true..I love you sansko and Tara for your fiction

  9. Well done tara iam also a swara fan but i admit with u what swara done in yestrdy episode

  10. Nope tara…. u hav not hurted the feeling.. bt its truth.. wat i feel.. how stupid is this swara??? Hw cn she doubt sanskaar for kindap… does isn’ t she think it b4 she asks him.. she is betrayer… hate her frm core.. anyways i like ragini tooo that she had faith on sanskar…..

  11. Awesome yaar I just loved it u portrayed sanskaars feelings beautifully I too am a huge fan if swara but after she started doubting sanskaar who always supported her in every mode I am a angry on her I am a silent reader but after reading your story I felt like complimenting u .u r too good

  12. Nice thought yar

  13. Not at all dear..u haven’t hurt anyone….even I was fed up with this stupid actions of swara….but ur writing is awesome..the way u expressed his pain is really emotional and touching……..

  14. Good job tara coz now evn i hate swara very much

  15. Very nice Tara..not only nice.it’s awesome..your are really great writer.every line makes me feel..?..your imagination is superb.I’m swasan fan.after read your story I’m feeling better now.(before I’m feeling irritated to see real swaragini serial.)

  16. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Read it seeing the word mono episode,superb dear,I think most of us readers had this in mind n though mono episode,it was really really nice.

  17. I agree wid u Tara,every word of sanskar is true, I know this would not happen in serial,at least through ur Ff we got the satisfaction ,that sanskar reacted on swara, rejected her friendship and relation.well done tara. Am also a swasan fan BT after yesterday’s episode fed up with swara’s attitude. Ragini was 1000 times better than her, atleast she belvd him

  18. Thanks a lotttt thank you sooo much Kiara, shria, neha, sonia, shraddha, asri, cutie, aishu, nehasuhana, daniela. Thank you veey very much. I thought I will get hateful cmnts bt am so happy tat I’m one among you all who hated swara yest. I was thatttt much angry when she doubted sanskar. I want to burst it out like anything. She just blv proofs not d person. She ll blv evn f proofs r against ragini laksh bt not sanskar. Hated her like anything yest. Writers ll nt show sanskar asking d questions tat v want ourselves to ask swara. Very happy very happy that you all like this.. i expected hatred cmnts bt u showered luv on me.. thankssss a lotttt ????

  19. I also feel da same.nice ff keep writng.

  20. very very good

  21. Thank you very much surbhi, manu, kirti, krish, veena, sethooty. Thanks a lotttt.. Ya i am also a swasan fan. But yest’s epi made irritated me like anything. She is mahan to evry1 bt wen it cums 2 sanskar she ll always punish. I am also very fed up wid her actions manu to d core? Me too nw hate swara kirti ? I too got irritated seeing d serial krish.? i tried to show wat v all have in mind veena ☺. True sethooty ragini is better than swara in trusting matter ?
    Thank you all. thanks a lottt. I expected harsh cmnts bt i got highly luvable cmnts.. ??

  22. Even I am a swara fan but I hated her in yesterday’s episode But really nice FF

  23. Ya kiara wen she said tat she wanna discuss it wid others I felt lik slapping her. Yes shria he s also a human and he do have feelings. She is taking him for granted. I agree wid u nega.They must show atleast for few days sanskar not talking to swara. Sonia me too in same mindset. Wateva b d pair v want sanskar n tis soap I also felt relieved after tis fiction. Frm yest werevr i c pic swara questioning sanskar I angered me like anything. If tey telecast lik tis v ll njoy it like anythng shraddha ☺. Asri I too wish bt don’t knw wat cvs r upto ? feeling gud tat v al wished tis scene cutie. Aishu wen i was writing i also luvd sanskar?. Yeah neha till yest I also liked swara though it ws like mahan sumtimes bt n yest epi ??? ya daniela she was reacting stupidly yest. If ragini didn’t have stopped her surely she wud hav complained him to mm family in frnt of police. Atleast aftr a long time raginu did gud things nd i luvd her yest. Now I came to knw tat It’s actually all our’s thought surbi
    Thank youuu sooo soooooo veryyy much frnz.. luv u all 4 ur unexpected praising cmnts..???

  24. Vry nice tara. This scene shuld be actually in serial.

  25. Hiiii veena di plzzz check yr lst ff pj once agn , there r lots of rqst to write one more ff series of swasan. Plzzzzzzz di do check it.

  26. mridulakrishnan

    awesome dear….u described sanskar’s emotion perfectly.poor sanskar..its very painful….u r right dear, no one considering sanskar as a human..everyone taking him for granted…actully in yesterday episode i loved ragini for trusting our sanskar…..&& pls continue the story…i want see swara’s redemption track….serial mei tho yeh sab dekne ko nahi milthe at least ff mei hamari wishes puri hagaya…

  27. liked it Tara… poor sanskar.. how much more he will stand for swara when in return he only gets suspicious eyes…

  28. Thank you thank you soo much archana, nik ☺?

  29. Super dear…

  30. Thank you so much tara for this mono episode. Feeling very good now. As I was very irritated after watching the serial.
    Thank you so much. 😉

  31. Was an awesome episode yaar! Totally awesome!I guess the same wud happenN each and every word by sans is true! Swara should feel ashamed of it! Even I felt like crying seeing sans word!

  32. Thank you for the best update today bcoz it was tooooo good to read …….
    From yesterday even I started hating swara bcoz she doubted on sanskar without knowing the truth who is behind it. I am big fon of swasan……
    But you’re update was ausome
    Actually what you’re studying Tara?

  33. Thank you so much fransi, Joya, trishika, mridula, kashis, leku, tani, divya, asha?? thanksssssss a lotttt☺☺☺☺ mridula sryy yaar It’s just only one epi dear. I just wished sanskar to show anger on swara nd swara cries for sanskar. Right kashis ?? pity sanskar. Hahaa tani, I also had d same feeling watching yest epi. While writing i too felt d same feeling divya ? hw wil t b like wen d person v consider evrythn nd trust blindly not trusting us ??. Yeah asha I was tolerating swara’s mahan acting towards ragini evrytm bt ok it’s out of over luv, she overlook her mistakes. But wen t cums 2 sanskar she doubts him in ???? I completed b.tech asha. Tis yr passed out. Doing extra – qualification course.

    Thank you so so sooo much. I’m overwhelmed seeing ur cmnts. I didn’t expect this much appreciation. Thanksss a lotttttttt ??☺☺??

    1. Tara make one more episode…plz …if possible……………..

    2. Like sanskar showing anger on her ?? Now i just wish sanskar shud nt talk 2 her nd she should suffer frm her guilt ?

  34. Borra satyapujitha

    Dnt feel fr tat it’s nice to show sanskar feelings also with this swara can knw wat feelings fr sanskar

    1. Thank you borra. I was thinking for long time wthr 2 post r nt coz t may hurt readers feelings. Bt i cudn’t ctrl ma anger. Thanks for supporting

  35. awesome tara …..u made me cry

    1. ??? thank you soo much dear

  36. hi…..
    very very very very good…..
    in ur ff swara says i stood wid u when ragini said u tried to molest her….i believed u widout any proofs but dear dt time swara was living in SANSKAR’S room….
    she knew dt sanskar is innocent….
    so it’s wrong that she is saying i believed u widout any proofs….
    sorry i dnt want to hurt u………

    1. Ya yaaa u r ryt.. nothing u said tat hurt me. I am also saying tat nly.. she knew he was slpng n his room tat’s y she blvd him. I am also saying swara is wrng

  37. Kash aisa real serial me hota!!!
    very good ep.

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