(swaragini ) swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 9

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Episode 8

Lets start
Khanna ‘s office

Jyoti( sanakaar pa ) – sir , tomorrow is a important party ….
Sanskaar – so what ?
Jyoti – sir … I..f ….you … go and buy ur clothes .
Sanskaar stands up and says angrily – only swara buy my clothes … after she left me u only buy my clothes then what ‘s the problem ….
Jyoti – it ‘s the party on the òpening of musical academy sargam acadmey which u made on the swara mam.
Sanskaar – ok I will go to mall and buy the clothes .

Swaragini and ruhi comes to mall . Sanskaar had already entered the mall and buying the clothes .
Here in swaragini ‘s side
Ruhi bends swara down and whispers something .
Ruhi whispers – mamma can I go to washroom …..
Swara – ok come I’ll take u …
Ruhi – offo mumma I am big I can go no need to worry ….
Swara – ok meri mata.
Ruhi laughs and goes .

Here in sanskaar ‘s side
Sanskaar to shopkeeper – you make my bill I am coming in a second .

Sanskaar goes to washroom .

Here in ruhi ‘s side .
Ruhi was about to come out when she sees door is locked .
Ruhi – ohno I think so someone has locked the door from outside.
She knocks the door .
Sanskaar was about to enter in men’s washroom when he hears someone knocking the door of ladies washroom.
He goes there and asks who is inside ?
Ruhi – uncle plz help me .. I am locked inside .
Sanskaar listened the voice it makes him remember of swara .
Sanskaar – swa…. ra …..swara … this voice is similar as swara .
She then notices that someone has locked the door from outside . He immediately open it . Ruhi comes out hugs sanskaar and cries . Sanskaar bends down and sees the face of ruhi .
Sanskaar in mind – she looks just like swara . She is so cute like my swara ….. but who locked the door …..
he shouts and calls the manager of the mall ….. maids also comes. …

The end
Sorry for short update but I’ll promise next update will be big.
Next update on 11 july .

Precap – sanskaar comes to maheswari house for some work and sees swara there . Ruhi tells swara that he met sanskaar in mall . Uttra decides to tell everything to ruhi .

Credit to: sanajna


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