(swaragini ) swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 8

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Lets start
Lakshya was still in shock . Suddenly he hugged ragini . Both have tears in their eyes . Suddenly ragini got some flashes about that day …..
She break tge hug .
Lak keeps both his on rags cheeks and says – u r back ragini and now we can marry …..
Ragini – no…. I can’t …. I can’t ….. I can forgot that day when I lost my ….
Suddenly a voice came .
Voice – who are u uncle ?
The voice is none other than of ruhi .
Lakshya sees ruhi and goes to her .
Lak- who are u beta ?
Ruhi – my name is ruhika …. ruhika singhania. …..
Lak – singhania ???
Ruhi – yes…..
Ragini – ruhi go and sleep beta …..
Ruhi goes to ragini .
Ruhi – masi who is that uncle .
Lak understood that she is swasan ‘s daughter .
Lak – I am ur masi ‘ s frnd ….. n from today don’t call me uncle ….. call me chachu ……
Ruhi – but why …..
Lak – bcoz I don’t like the word uncle…. It’s sounds that l am a old man …..
Ruhi laughs on this .
Ruhi goes to her room to sleep .
Lak goes to swara .
Lak – bhabhi u know that how much bhai misses u …. he everyday call me to know whether u returned or not …. but everyday he listens the NO feom my mouth . He even changed her sir name from maheswari to khanna . He left this house for u …. so that he can forgot u … but no he never able to forgot u bhabhi …. he loves u so much .

Swara – no he doesn’t love me if he love me then he would not snatched my….
Lak – no he had done this ….. shou…
Swara – plz I don’t want listen anything…….. tumhe ragini ki kasam ……… u will never talk about sanskaar and also don’t tell him I am here … olz Lakshya ….
Uttra – wah bhabhi …. aapne phele mujhe kasam di phir bhai ko what’s this bhabhi ….. u don’t want to know the truth ….
Swara – no ….. I know u will prove him innnocent any how but I know he had done that.
Ap – bas swara bas babhot ho gaya …. uttra lak don’t tell her anything and that’s my order as she don’t want to listen but one day when u get to know about the truth ….. tum pachtaogi swara ….. I will never accept u swara … … bcoz of u and ur sisters I lost my two children first my sanskaar and second shourya. …..
Swaragini was shocked .
Swaragini – shourya …. but how ….
Ap- that I will not tell u swara …..
Swara – that i should say maa….. that bcoz of ur son I lost my sister .
And one more thing we will stay here only for 10 to 12 days i think so thats enough for u to stay with ur granddaughter .
Saying this swara runs to upstairs . Ragini follows her . Ap goes to her room and tell everything to dp who was sleeping during this drama . Dp was socked and goes to meet swaragini and ruhi .

Next morning

Dinning room . Everyone is eating breakfast .
Ruhi – mamma I want to go to new mall that has opened in kolkata .
Swara – ok as u wish .
Ruhi – thanks mumma .

End .
Sry for no sanskaar today but promise tomorrow he will be .

Next update on sunday .

Precap – same as previous episode

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