(swaragini ) swasan – a love story of betrayal (episode 6)


Episode 5

In previous epi precap it’s not pihu it’s ruhi .
Lets start
7 pm
Sanky was sitting in car as he is going to hotel (remember guys in previous episode I told u that sanky will be going for a meeting near airport in a hotel ) driver was driving .
Suddenly the car stops .
Sanky (shouts) – what happened driver why u stoped ?
Driver – I this so … car kharab hongayi hai …… j will call a mechanic..
Sanky – ok u call the mechanic …. I can go by foot …
Driver – but. ….
Sanky – I am not a baby I can walk …. and waise bhi we had reached till airport and it is near it only …
Driver nods yes . Sanky comes out of a car and start walking but stopped as he thought to buys flowers for the honour of the company . The flower shop was just beside airport .
Here , here swaragini and ruhi had landed in kolkata airport .
Swara – u both want here I go n take a taxi .

Bow swara and sanky are moving in opposte direction . Suddenly they stopped as they felt each other presence .
Swara – sanskaar ……
Sanskaar – swara …….
They can’t see each other bcoz of so much crowd .
Swara – no how can sanky be here …. but it’s kolkata …. I had to gonfast and find a taxi.
Sanskaar – I will find my swara .
Sanky satrted searching swa ..
But till then he can search swara she had gone with rags n ruhi .
They reach the hotel .

They comes in .
Swara – can u plz tell our room no ‘s
Receptionist – name plz
Swa – swara singhania .
Receptioninst searched in computer but couldn’t find her as her name was booked as swara sahu .
Recp – no mam there is no name of u ….
Swara – how it can be I had booked yesterday only … I talk u only .
Recp -. No mam she was another receptionist and I am another as yesterday was her last day .
Swa – ok . Give me another rooms.
Recep – no mam all rooms are booked .
U can tomorrow mam tomorrow two families are checking out .
Swa – n till then .
Recep – u can live in some one else house .
Swa – n whow will keep us we r strangee for them .
Receptioninst think about maheshwari house but can’t remember their sur name .
Recep – there is a good family who live near our hotel and r very good . They r ma….. I can’t remember their surname sry .
Swa – ok no problem I will my self search them tell.me their hoyse colour .
Recep – blue ….
Swa – ok thanks …
They go and searched n finally found the maheshwari house.
Ragini – this is that blue building.
Swa – thank god we got the house after so many hard work….
(Actuaklly maheshwari house was totally changed so they can’t recognised it and in this many years they had forgot ghe address also .)
They go in and rings the bell .
Uttra opens the door .
Uttra was shocked and hugs swara and ragini and cries .
Uttra – u r back bhabhi .
Swara – I think ragini we had came to wrong house .
Ruhi – no mamma we had came to right house . Uttra aunty is so good .
Ap also comes . He was shocked and angry to see saara .
The screen freezes .

Precap – drama in maheshwari house .
Lakshya comes back from office and shocked to ragini
sanskaar meets ruhi in mall.

Credit to: sanjana

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