(swaragini ) swasan – a love story of betrayal (episode 5)

Link to Previous EpisodeHii guys sry for late update n want to tell u that from today I will update alternate days as my school had reopened n I had to write another ff also . N there a good news for swalak fans as I will soon write a ff on swalak .
The name of ff – swalak – can u love me .

Lets start
Ruhi was sitting in her class . It is recess .Her frnd riya comes .
Riya – where u have gone to this summer vacation ?
Ruhi – dubai n u .
Riya – kolkata .
kolkata is very beautiful place . Have u ever gone to kolkata .
Ruhi- no , I have gone each n every place in india even in dubai n singapore but never kolkata .
Riya – u should ask ur mumma to go to kolkata.
Ruhi – ok.

Singhania mansion .
Ruhi and swara comes back home . She goes hugs ragini . They all are having lunch .
Ruhi – I want to go to kolkata .
Swara was about to take a bite of food in his mouth but listening this she stops .
Swara (fear in mind )- kolkata ….. kolkata …… kolkata …… no ………… I can’t loose my ruhi after her . If I go ther sanskaar will snatch my ruhi from me as ruhi always wnt to live with her dad. No …..
Swara – no ruhi we will not go……..
Ruhi – why mumma batao na
Swara – (shouts very loudly . )ruhi ………. finish ur lunch fast study ………
Swara had never talked ruhi with such a loud voice so ruhi started crying n goes to her room without eating lunch .
Rags – what have u done this diii ?
Swa – (cries ) u r right I should not talk with her like that . I will go n say her sry .
Rags – she will not forgive u saying sry . U should say yes to go to kolkata .
Swara – but if she will meet sanskaar then ……
Rags – kolkata is a big city ….. how can she meet her dad in such a big city ?
Swara – I think so u r right …….. I will take her ti kolkata .
Rags smiles .

Ruhi room
Ruhi was crying keeping her head on bed . Swara comes with her lunch .
Swa – roooo ….. ruhi ….. ruhika …..
Ruhi – I don’t want to talk to u. Go from here .
Swara keeps plate on table .
Swa – I had decided that we will go to kolkata. Tomorrow we will leave at 2 p.m. n reach till 7 p.m.
Listening this ruhi hugs swa.

Ruhi – thanks .
Swa – now go eat ur lunch .
Swa in mind – I will never lat u meet to sanskaar ………..
Swara gies to her room
Just then swara gets a call .
Swara – hello
Caller – hello I am uttra speaking .
Swa – yes uttra say .

Uttra – I want leave for a week as want to go back ti kolkata .
Swa – ok .
And cuts the call .

Khanna house .
Sans to servant – tomorrow don’t make my dinner as I had to go for a meeting at 7 pm
Servant says ok .

Next morning
Swara was booking the hotel rooms on phone .
Swara – I wnt two rooms .
Receptionist – ok mam what is ur name mam
Swara – swara …….
Just then ragini calls swara .
Rags – there is a call from mr. Sahu
Swara – sahu …
Receptioninst thought that swara ‘s sir name is sahu so she had written SWARA SAHU ……
Receptionist – ok mam I had written ur name .
Swa – ok we will come at night .
And cuts the call .

Episode ends .

Precap.- swara ragini n pihu lands at kolkata airport . Sansky feels swara presence . Swaragini n pihu at maheshwari mansion .

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