Swaragini- Swasan forever


When Swara, Ragini, Laksh and Sanskar was small, Durga Prasad(Father of Laksh) and Shekhar(father of Swara and Ragini) was great friends.They were the richest businessmen in Kolkata. They were such a good friends that they even share their big contracts with each other. But because of some reason, they have a big fight and Shekhar felt better to shift to Delhi which is far from Kolkata so that Swara and Ragini never get to know what happened there. Many years passed, Swara and Ragini are now in 3 year student in their college. They got ready and came down for their breakfast. They greet everyone and sit down. There grandfather praises them for their singing skills. Shekhar said,”3 months more to go and then you are going to handle my business. I will give you some papers when they get ready to you both for the same.” Swara and Ragini get sad after hearing this because they doesn’t want to handle their family business but to go with their skills as they love music. They want to make their own music academy but they also don’t want to hurt their father so they just said,”OK!” and left for their college riding there scooter.Swara was riding it and Ragini was sitting at her back. There was a huge traffic there. Before the green light come a Ferrari car ran from the other side to another road. Swara was coming from that side. The car was in a very high speed. It doesn’t stop and hit Swara’s scooter and broke it’s headlight. A boy came out and said,”Why the hell you hit my car? Can’t see such a big car?” “I wasn’t the….” Swara was not able to complete her sentence when another boy came out of the car and said,” Leave it lucky. Let’s go fast or you we will get late. We will see this cheap-middle class girls later.” ” To whom you said cheap and middle class. What you think of yourself? You even didn’t follow traffic rules and came this side and hit my scooter and blaming me for your broken headlight. Then , I should blame you for the broken glass of my scooter.” said Swara angrily. ” Just shut up u blo*dy cheap girl. Let’s go Sanskar or we will get late.” Ragini slap Lucky hard on his face and said,”Enough of your nuisance. If you don’t respect girls then don’t need to talk to them. Let’s go Swara.” “Yes. Let’s go. We shouldn’t waste our time.” and they went again riding their scooter to the college.

Credit to: Anandi

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  1. Pls don’t cont!!

  2. Continue that guy is swasan hater/swalak lover. Its a good start 🙂

  3. pulse don’t stop continued

  4. Continue …..keep going

  5. I hav read dis 1 bfor. . . Sry if u felt bad

  6. Might be. Actually someone must have got a same idea like you or you might have read it on wattpad. There I hv written till 2 chapter which is also incomplete and I hv to change it a little too. But thanks to all of you for liking my ff.

  7. pls conti
    swasan the best

  8. Yrr Pliiiz Continue Dont listen to others just do wat ur heart tells u . Amazing Otherwise . Hats off to u

  9. Thanx Farhiya

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