Swaragini- Swasan forever (Chapter-8)


Hey Guys! I am really really really sorry for such a late update. It’s many days that I have written my ff so here’s a recap for the all 6 chapters-

Shekhar And Durga Prasad were very good friends. They had a big fight and Shekhar went to Delhi to forget his past. Many years passed and now Swaragini are 3rd year college student. They were going to their college when 2 boys hit their scooter and they had a fight. They met their friends in the college and told them about their father wish and the two boys. They had a discussion with their friends and left for their audition. They saw that boys and decided to go to canteen and come afterwards. Their father called them and told them about sumi slipping from the stairs and they went from there. They reached at the parking slot and found their scooter in a very bad condition. When they came to know about the person who is behind them- the boys- Laksh and Sanskaar then they again have a fight but stopped when Shekhar called them again. They went from their and reached the hospital by auto rickshaw. When they were taking sumi back, Shekhar met with his old friend- Durga Prasad- and they had a fight.

When Swaragini and Sanlak reached their respective home they asked their parents about the other but they made their stories and told them to never talk about it. They weren’t satisfied with the answer their parts had given and decided to make each other their friends to find out the truth. Swaragini went to audition room and Swara was shocked to see Sanskar their and Swara finally give her auditions to him.

Swaragini came together. Swara was not very much happy.”What happened Swara? The judge said something to you?” asked Saher. “She isn’t telling me also. I don’t know what happened that she is so sad.” said Ragini when Swara doesn’t answer and Saher looked at her. “Nothing. Sanskar was the judge a…” “What? He cant be. we also give our auditions but at that time he wasn’t.” Saher said fully shocked. “He said that the judge was out and will come after the audition time is over and till then he is the judge so I give him my auditions.” “But why Are u sad?” asked Aisha. “Because of him. You know that he is our enemy and I wasn’t able to sing well in front of him.” “I understand.” said Saher. “Swara you yourself has so much hatred for him inside you then how you will be able to make him your friend?”

“What? You want to make them your friend? Why?” “Wait. We explain you why we want to make them our friend.” said Swara and she told them whole story with Ragini. “Now. If they become our friend then perhaps we have to add them in our group. We all have to be nice with them and make the our friends. We want to know what happened in Kolkata. We doesn’t want to make them our friend not because they are our enemy but they are our family’s enemy but our parents left us no choice. They doesn’t want to tell what happened in there past. They are making stories. We know that.” “But if ur parents doesn’t want to tell you that then there must be a reason behind it. You should obey them and leave it like it was going.” said Aisha.

“You might be right but…” befor Swara can complete her sentence Top 50 for the next auditions name get announced. Sanlak came there too. On 1st position were Swasan. Swara was so happy that she hugged Sanskar. Sanskar get a good felling. He felt like current went through his body. He liked tha feeling very much. He hugged her too. But when Swara saw Saher behind Sanskar she pushed him away from her and said, “Sorry! I thought you was Saher.” she ran from there blushing. She liked that feeling too which produced when she hugged Sanskar.

Sorry guys for a late update. I wasn’t give any excuses this time. Actually, I don’t get time for writing my ff. My exams r starting from 14 dec and there r so many functions coming and I hv recently come from 1. I get less time for studying so I hv to study when I was used to writ my ff. So the main thing is that I cant write my ff everyday. So, if you all can adjust for that I mean for my ff on alternatives day so I will continue writing it but if u cant then I will try writing it everyday or I hv to say that very sadly that I better hv to stop it. Its all ur decision. I hope u all will take a good decision.

Credit to: Anandi

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