Swaragini- Swasan forever (Chapter-7)


Hey Guys! I think you all are not liking my ff. So, I hv decided to stop it soon. Maybe after Chapter-10. Now, I should better start todays ff.

Recap- Shekhar met his ex-friend durga Prasad at the hospital and they have a fight. One said u betrayed us and Abhishek commit suicide another said that you betrayed us and Kajal commit suicide. When Swara lakhs Sanskar and Ragini asked their respective parents they made stories and end the conversation. They don’t believe and decide to find the truth.

“Ragini don’t you notice something?” “what?” “The family which is our parents enemy that family’s sons are Laksh and Sanskar who are our enemy but if we want to find out the truth then we have to make them our friends.” “What? You are saying me to make our biggest enemy friend? No way.” “Please Ragini. When our work will be done then we will never tal to them. Please.” “Ok!” In Sanskar’s home same conversation went between him and Laksh. Sanskar said to make Swaragini their friend and Laksh said no. Sanskar requested him and Laksh agreed. “Lets go to the competition room. They must be there to give their auditions. We will apologize.” said Sanskar. Laksh agreed and they went there. “Swara let’s go. Auditions will be closed after 30 minutes. ” Swara agreed and they went there. They went there to find their friends and Sanskar and Laksh sitting there. “Guys what are you doing here? You didn’t give your auditions.” “No. we didn’t. We thought that in every competition we all give our audition together as a band and this time due to someone else we don’t want to give our auditions separately so we decided to wait for you.If you haven’t come then we have also didn’t give our auditions.” said Aisha “You are really our true friends Saher and Aisha.” said Ragini. “That we already know.” said Saher

“Now lets go inside and give our best.” and they all went inside. “They are so dramatic and you are saying to make them friends. I cant do that. I am going.” said Laksh. “Laksh please stop. Atleast for me. Please.” “You are really good in emotion blackmailing Sanskar.” “I know that. Now lets wait for them to come back.” They came after sometime and sat there in the seats. “Why are you seating here?” asked Saher. “We are waiting for the results to come ad you?” “Same. It will come after 15 mins.” at last it come. Many name were announced and the first place was given to Swara’s group and Sanskar and Laksh. Swara was very happy that she tightly hugged Sanskar. Sanskar feel something when she touched him like he get some current. He liked that feeling and didn’t say Swara anything and he hugged her too. Swara felt same feeling but then she realized that whom she is hugging and leave him. “Sorry avtually I thought you to be saher.” she said blushing and ran away from the scene.

Credit to: Anandi

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