Swaragini- Swasan forever (Chapter-6)


Recap- Shekhar met Durga Prasad his ex-friend and they have a fight. One said u betrayed us another said u betrayed us and Abhishek and Kajal committed suicide. When Swara, Ragini, Laksh and Sanskar asked about Abhishekh and Kajal their parents made some stories. They don’t believe their parents and decides to find out the truth.

“Ragini did you notice something?” asked swara thinking about something. “What?” “That like that boys are our enemy their parents are our parents enemy. If we want to find about the truth then we should make them our friends. ” “what rubbish are you talking Swara. They are our enemy.” “But see as to our parents that boys family was our neighbor and I think that they were friends too. They must know something.” “You are right but still……” “But what?” “Why will they agree?” “You are right but we will not tell them our real aim to make them our friends.” “Ok! Fine. Now lets go for our auditions.” “Ok!” Swara said and they went to their college. Their friends were sitting in the audition room waiting for their selection. “He guys!” said Swara”Dont you give your auditions?” We have. After half an hour they will give results so we were waiting for it.” “Oh. Now lets go Ragini.” Swara said and they went inside. Their were two different rooms. One for classical music and other for modern. They went for their respective sections.

Swara was shocked to see Sanskar their. “What are you doing here?” they both asked each other at same time. “I am here to give my auditions and you?” “I am here as a judge.” “Judge? How can you be judge? In morning, you were sitting here for giving your auditions and now you become judge.” “Hey. The judge love my voice and selected me. He went for a work and make me judge for that time period.” “Fine. Thankyou. Now can you please tell me when he will come?” “He will come after 30 mins.” “Oh but auditions will b closed at that time.” “Better you give your auditions to me.” “Ok!” she said and sang a song.

Credit to: Anandi

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