Swaragini- Swasan forever (Chapter-5)


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Recap- Sumi was in hospital. Swara requested doctor to discharge her and he said yes. They were leaving but their parents was shocked to c someone.

Swara asked Shekhar when she saw that they were all shocked,”Dad. What happened? Why are you all looking s surprised?” “No..thi..ng . ” he answered. But Swara doesn’t believe him and looked everywhere to find Laksh and Sanskar with some elders. It seem that they were their parents. “Ragini! What that boys are doing here?” whispered Swara. “How do I know? They don’t tell me where and why they go somewhere. They have come to hospital then might be someone is ill in their family.” “Ya! You are right but now lets leave from here fast. We have to go to give our auditions too.”Ya ya. ” Ragini said and all started walking again toward the exit. Someone was staring at Shekhar and Sumi. When Shekhar just step half outside the men came there suddenly and said,” How are you Shekhar? We have met after a year. But why don’t tell anyone when you left from the city? Today I proved you that I was right and you were wrong. I didn’t betrayed you nor my any family member but you betrayed us. Your whole family betrayed us. Specially your s…” “Stop it.

Durga Prasad. I am tolerating your nuisance then it doesn’t mean that you will get on saying rubbish.” shouted Shekhar angrily. Sumi tried to stop him but he didn’t listen. “Oh! I am saying rubbish. I am saying rubbish. You don’t even know what we have to bear when you left us. I thought that day to give you a chance and came to your home and you. You betrayed us. You left the city so that you don’t get blamed. Abhishek attempt suicide after you all betrayed us and you are saying I am talking rubbish.” “So you think that Kajal is living happily.

It was said that she had an accident and died but we know that she suicide. She killed herself because Abhishek betrayed her. We didn’t betrayed you but the person betrayed us was you. Not only you your whole family. We weren’t able to live there after we get to know that she suicide so we shifted here.” ” Oh! Now you have started to make your own stories. How can we believe you?” “So how can we believe your story Durga Prasad?” “Let’s go Shekhar. Come please come. Please. Or else I will never talk to you.” “Ok! It am wasting my time here.” he said and left the place. “Dad who were they? Who is Abhishek? Who…” Oh! That’s nothing Laksh. He was our neighbor and Abhishek was also our neighbor. He suicide and we and Shekhar was doubted. They said we were the one who forced him to do this and we said that they were the one who forced him. So, that’s what your dad was talking about.” said Annapurna. “then who..”

Sanskar was about to ask something when Annapurna cut his short and said”No more questions Sanskar and laksh. We were here to do regular check up of your dad. That is done. So. now we should also leave.” she said and all left. In Shekhar house, same thing happened. When Swara and Ragini asked about them so they just said that abhishek and Durga Prasad was their neighbor. Abhishek committed suicide and they both were doubted. They blamed us and we blamed them that they force him to commit suicide. At last, after having so much problems there we left the place. When Swara tried to ask about Kajal Sumi cut her short and said to come to lunch and no more discussions about that topic. All four of them doesn’t believe there parents. The way the look the way they answered it was all weird. They decided to take out the truth from them or discover themselves.

Credit to: Anandi

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