Swaragini-Swasan forever (Chapter-4)


“Now Swara would you tell me what happened?” “Oh! Don’t get so much tensed Ragini. I tell you what happened.” Swara said and told her whole story. “Oh! But how? How she fell down? Is she fine now.?” “I don’t know that but she is fine. Better than before she is admitted to a hospital.” After some time they reached there. All were tensed sitting their. Shekhar saw them coming and asked,”How come you are so late?” “Actually two bo….” before Ragini should complete Swara said,” Actually our scooter’s tire got puncher. So, we got late.” “Ok!” “Is mom fine now.” “Go inside and see yourself.” While they were going Ragini asked,” Why didn’t you tell them the truth?” “We will talk about it later. Now let’s please see mom.” “ya!” They went inside. “Mom!” both said. “are you okay?” “Swara Ragini! Oh! I am absolutely fine.” “How do you fell from the stairs? You are careful every time.” “Actually, I didn’t know that oil was spilled in the floor and that’s how I fell down but that’s not a big thing.” “I just come back.” said Swara and went away to the doctor. “Doctor can’t we take mom back to the home.” “Ok fin. but you have two take her proper care.” “thank you doctor.” said Swara and went to her mom back. “Mom I have asked the doctor and now you are coming back home. Dad will do all the things to discharge you from the hospital.” “Bu…” “No mom I wouldn’t listen to you. You are coming back now.” “ok!” said her mother. soon, all things were done and they were just going to leave when her parents so someone and was shocked.

Credit to: Anandi

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