Swaragini- Swasan forever (Chapter-3)

Hey guys! Actually I was out of the town and my phone was lost so I wasn’t able to post my updates. And a very happy Diwali to you all. May your worries, sadness and problems get burn this Diwali.

When they reach the canteen they order for coffee and chocolate pastry. “Guys! I am really tensed today. First of all Dad wants to handover the business to us and that demons made my day worst.” Said Swara. Suddenly, her phone ring. It was Shekhar. He asked them to come fast as Sumi had fell from the stairs and is admit in the hospital. “Ragini come fast. We have to go. Guys we really have to go now. will talk to you later.” “But what happened?” asked Ragini. ” I will tell you in the way. Now hurry.” They went out and was shocked to see their scooter. It was badly damaged. It looked like it had gone with a huge accident. Then they hear laughing sounds of some boys. They went in search of the noise and found Laksh and Sanskar. “You blo*dy rascals have done this. I will not leave you all.” said Swara half crying and half angrily shouting on them. “Yes. We have done this. I have seen you in there. In that music competition room and come to know about you both. So, we had just take our revenge.” said lucky. “Revenge. We will sow you the real meaning of revenge.” said Ragini and picked a big stone. Swara picked a thick stick and damaged the car more worst than their scooter. “Oh! someone get a big shock right.” Swara said laughing. She opened her clutch and give a big amount of money to them. “We are not so cruel. Go and repair your car with this money.” “We are not beggars.” said Sanskar shouting and took Swara by her neck. “Hey1 What you are doing. She will die.” “let her die. It will be good.” Laksh pushed Sanskar off from Swara. Swara was coughing and was breathing very fast when her phone ring again. ragini pick it up and said that they are coming fast and cut the call. Let’s go fast we have to go to home and come back and give our…” “Ok!” said Swara interrupting and they went away by a auto.

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