Swaragini- Swasan forever Chapter-2

When they reach their college, they tell their friends about the accident. “That boys don’t even have respect for girls. Oh! I just totally forget about a bad news which I was suppose to tell you.” said Swara and told them about their father’s wish. All become sad that after 3 months they will never meet Swara and Ragini again. “You should run away.” said Aisha. “‘No, we can’t. We neither want to do the family business nor hurt our father.” said Ragini. “Then, you should tell your father the truth.” “We have told him earlier indirectly that we love music.. So, he said that we should focus on our studies than we have to do his business. We don’t have time to do such stupid things. He doesn’t understand us.” said Swara. “So what to do now? How you will do what you want?” said Saher. “That’s only the problem. We have discussed it to you all so that you can give us some good suggestions. Guys please think of some solution and tell us tomorrow.” said Swara. “Now let’s go and give our auditions for the upcoming music competition else we will get late.” ” Oh. Yeah. Let’s go. I totally forget about it.” said Saher and all went together there.When they went there, Swara saw the 2 boys who had hit her scooter few minutes ago.She said,” What they are doing here.” “Who?” asked Saher. “The boys about whom we told you all earlier.” said Ragini pointing over the boys. One of them was wearing a black t-shirt and wore a black jacket over it with red jeans and black sneakers. another one was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans with brown sneakers “For whatever reason they are here, I don’t care. They have done wrong and have to pay for it.” said Swara.” Swara wait.” Saher said and started to joke to calm Swara. She laughed and said,” Ok! I am not going there to talk to them but we will give our audition later coz there is so much rush that it will take at least an hour four our turn.” “Ok as your wish.” said Aisha “Where to go?” asked Ragini. “Let’s go to canteen.” All agreed and went their.

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