#Swaragini #Swasan #Forced marriage (Part 5)

Hi everyone…???? I am already hiding at safe place so I can save myself from all your jutas and other coming objects to update this late,,, I am sorry for this late update but was stuck in few tasks but fro now on I’ll be updating regularly.. OK now enough of my blabbing below is precap of previous updates and next part… Happy reading…☺☺☺☺

On one hand Sanskar is busy in partying and on other hand Swara is busy in her wedding unaware of Strom coming towards their life.
A girl with whom Sanskar slept is angry on him and wants to take revenge on him and later she turns out to be Kavita who is sent to Sanskar by Sahil and later Kavita came to Sanskar’s house and blame him for her pregnancy and same time Sanskar counter question her and this anger his mother and she slapped her which make Sanskar angry and he said that he is not father of her child if she carrying any…

Part 5

As soon as Sanskar completed his sentence Kavita stunned for seconds but soon she recover and about to reply him back rather to say retrored at him but before this sanskar hold her by elbow and littrely frag her towards sofa where few persons are sitting and speak

Sanskar : Miss Kavita meet Dr.Shivnaya Ahuja she is gynoclogist and she will prepare your pregnancy report along with DNA test, and here (pointing towards a boy) he is Lakshy Shekhawat who will take you to your proper address after your report, and other all are their respective support team.

As soon as Sanskar completed intro of persons in hall sweat drop are started forming on Kavita’s forehead though room temratutre is cool due to AC seeing this Sanskar speak

Sanskar : What happen Miss rather to say oh-I-am-pregnant-with-Sanskar-Maheswari’s-child why are you sweating this much????

Kavita who is performing her part of drama with perfection is now come to know that soon she gonna “AWARDED” for this all so she again choose to play and she act like she is feeling weak and speak

Kavita: It is because of pregnancy I am feeling low and all theae are symptoms…

Sanskar: Ohhh really, anyway come have sit with Miss shivanya she wants some samples and I would like if you cooperate with her.

And soon Kavita took her sit with Shivnaya who asked her few questions and later took her to another room and took few samples and started her test.

Inside room all this test drama is going on but seems like is not affected Sanskar in any way and his totally cool and compose playing “Angry bird” on his phone but soon he notice Lakshy’s absent in hall so thought of calling him but same time his phone ring and caller in none other then Lakshy so he pick up call and speak

Sanskar : Where are you???

Lakshy: To attend an important call, waise listen Mr. Sahil’s bachelor party is tonight at one of your favrt club and guess what he is planning to invite there.

But before Lakshy and Sanskar’s talk can continue further Sanskar’s phone beeped which showing another call is waiting so he put Lakshy’s call on hold and receive another call and caller from other side speak

Caller: Mr. Sanskar Maheswari I would like to have you at ______ place to emlight my bachelor party.

And before Sanskar can reply anything call disconnected from other side and this anger Sanskar more and he about throw his phone but Lakshy’s voice from other side stop him from doing so

Lakshy: Sanskar do not be angry, and this can be prove golden chance if you want….

Sanskar: How???

Lakshy: I’ll inform rather to say explain you let sort out this drama first.

Sanskar: Ohh yeah sure. Come inside and let’s compete this.

And with that Sanskar disconnect call and stand up and about to go inside of another room where Shivnaya and Kavita is there but before that Shivnaya come outside and said

Shivnaya: She is pragnent…

And this stunned everyone….

So how this part is???

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