#Swaragini #Swasan #Forced marriage (Part 4)


As soon as security guard heard order from Sanskar he let that girl come in side and the minute she step in Maheswri will she is astonished by look of it but soon she mask it with anger and lash out on guard

Girl: You piece of shit, you dare to stop me soon you gonna pay for it…???

And she turn her hills and went in direction of main door of willa while she is talking with her own self

Girl: Wow, I really got a rich guy in my pocket for my never going to born child???. (So got it na that girl is none other than Kavita) Sanskar Maheswari I am coming to stay forever in your life. (With dreamy look on her face unaware of fact that her dreams will be shattered badly like house of cards)????? (This one is my devil laugh)

Soon she mask all her expression with anger and step inside hall and there she witnessed few more people excluding Sanskar and his family which once again allow her to feel proud on herself and invisibly she patted own back and thought

“I was thinking of insulting him in front of his parents only but his luck is so bad poor Sanskar you gonna today will be wrost day of your life.”

But in her own dream land she missed to notice evil smrik on Sanskar’s face and evil smile which is not leaving Sanskar’s face.???

After giving glance to every one in hall she move towards Sanskar and hug him lovingly and speak

Kavita: Baby you are going to be daddy…???

Sanskar wants to play lil with her so he speak

Sanskar: Who are you??? ??? am I know you???????

And with this reply of Sanskar Kavita mentally thank her star as she want same answer from him for creating scene so directly she speak

Kavita: What???How dare you ask me that question??? Do you forget that night you spend atmy jome and we spend at hotels and few clubs and all????

Sanskar: We might meet but whats the guarantee that you are expecting baby and nt doing any drama???

Kavita: I know you will say this so here I’ve all reports and all for you.

And she handover few papers to him and he act like he checked them and he speak

Sanskar: Anf whats the guarantee that child is mine only??? It might be possible that you slept with “SOMEONE” and now blaming me.

But before Kavita can reply to him his mom who is unaware of any fact stunned with her son’s such question so she shout on him

SM: SANSKAR this is what I taught you??? To doubt a girks character???

And with that her hand land on his chick making him loose all his sense and soon he stop his play and speak

Sanskat: Kavita Kashyap due to you tiday my mom slapped me so now I won’t spare you now start speaking truth from your blo*dy mouth else you’ll see worst side of me.

After listening him first Kavita is stunned but she thought of continuing her drama (such a fool girl she is….????) so she speak

Kavita: What truth you want me to speak??? Why you show me dreams when you are not able to stand on your words???? And niw to prove your innocence you want me to lie so you can escape from all this.. And society will blame for being unmarried mother what about that???

Sanskar: First Sanskat Maheswari never go back on his word and second I am not father of your child if you carry any…

So this one is fourth part… Plz let me know how it is??? And does any on have idea how Sanskar will escape from this trap laid by Sahil and Kavita????

And few buddies ask me for link to previous chapter visit my profile there you’ll see a pen symbol click on it and you’ll able to see all my work… Hope it will help and if it don’t then mention it in comment I’ll send link…☺☺☺☺

Good nigh,Sweet dreams???? if it posted now else Good morning….☺☺☺☺ and have wonder ful and happy day ahead…?????

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  1. Hey I hate u.how dare u stop turning point of this story

    1. Pri_24

      Owww sory… Will update soon…
      BDW I love you for your comment..???

  2. mou(swasan lover)

    nyc.bt short

  3. nice … Love to see Sanskar smirking… its just amazing… thnk u…

    1. Pri_24

      Abhi to kafi kuch baki h…????

  4. Mica

    aaarrgghhh too short Pri! but i love it….

    1. Pri_24

      Thank yu..???

  5. Sanjanaagrawal

    Too short make lil big and it was awesome …

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