#Swaragini #Swasan #Forced marriage (Part 3)



After having light conversation for more than half hour Sanskat went to his room and bolt door and took out his phone and dail a number.

The minute call received from another side Sanskar started has interrogation

Sanskar : Are you sure You saw Kavita Kashyab in restaurant??? And she speak that word??? And yeah you are sure na that they plan is same as you told me??? Listen if is not come out like you told then you’ll pay wrost price for foolong Sanskar Maheswari else now that b*t*h’s bad time will start.

Person: I am 101 cent sure that about everything and I am not fooling you. By the way what make you doubt on Kavita???

Sanskar : None of your business just keep eye on that b*t*h I’ll play my cards and lay a trap for her and her “BELOVED ACCOMPLICE”.

After disconnecting call Sanskar talk to himself with evil smrik on his face

” Miss Kavita Kashyab you don’t know that you are playing with which will ultimately destroy you thanks to my phone which shows me your hidden side” And he remind how he heard Kavita


After getting ready and throwing money on that girl’s face Sanskar came out from room and he is about to go out from club and he thought of informing his mother that he is on the way to home but he don’t find his phone in his pocket so he came back to room and there he heard that the girl with whom he has pleasurable hours want him to pay price so he directly said his man to keep watch on that girl and this lead him to know that girl is send to him by his rival “Sahil Sanghaniya”

And same time he murmurs “Sahil Singhaniya along with your whore you too have to pay price for messing with me”

After that Sanskar made few more phone calls and spread his cards to backfire Sahil and Kavita’s plan.

After an hour or so his mother call him for dinner and he went down and family started having their dinner in comfortable silence.

But after few minutes dorr ball ring and few person come inside and ask for Sanskar and Sanskar welcomed them with warm smile and told them to have seat in hall same happen two more time and this surprised his mom so he askes him

SM : Who are they Sanskar?

Sanskar: soon you will come to know everything Ma.

After more half hour they heard a girl is fighting with security gurad at gate. Soon Sanskar informed guard to let her come in.

So this is third part let me know how it is???? And any idea regarding who those persons are??? And who is girl at gate????

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  1. Dont tell its swara….?????
    Dont know why i feeling like that…..may be its kavitha…..???????
    But superb part dr……

    (And ha guys if u dont mind can u guys tell me whats the meaning of JAANA NA DIL SE DOOR….. english mean)

    1. Meaning is….Don’t go away from my heart’… Am not good in Hindi
      ‘Dil’ means heart

      1. Thanks paru?????

    2. Madhu i think it means.. Don’t go away from my heart.. I think that’s the meaning. But i don’t know exactly because i’m not an indian..

      1. Thanks pramudi….????same here dr….i also not an india. But Sri Lankan….????

    3. Pri_24

      Thanks for your comment…☺☺☺

      And JAANA NA DIL SE DOOR’s meaning is Do not go away from heart… ☺☺☺☺

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  3. hi pri pls send me websites to previous parts please

  4. Superb episode dear… loved it…
    Madhu it maens “” DONT GO AWAY FROM MY HEART””

  5. Soujanya


  6. Give previous parts links
    Unable to find

  7. Superb

  8. Awesome update

  9. Arshaanya

    Can u gve prvs prt links??

  10. This part was awesome dear.. Even i want the link for the previous parts. Unable to gind it.

  11. please give link of first two parts pllllllzzzzz

  12. Sanjanaagrawal

    Nice but can u give me link of previpus part … I think so I have not read part 2

  13. Pri_24

    Buddies Thank you so much for all yours comments and who wants to eead previous part plz visit my profile and there you’ll find a pen mark click on it and there you can see all updates written by me…
    And yet if any one is not able to find let ne know I’ll send link….☺☺☺☺

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