Swaragini : swasan ff Love story ( by malika) ep 2

Heys guys I have a doubt in this ff. Thank you guys for your comments. And yes sorry for soo many spelling mistakes in my previous ep. Without wasting time let’s start.

Sanskar came in the cabinet with some files on his hands.

Sanskar : dad !!! here is some important files which need your signature.
Ram who was in deep thought didn’t listen to sanskar.

Sanskar knew that something is troubling his bab but he don’t know the reason. Again sanskar said : dad!!!!! Where are you lost.??

Ram who was in his own world came came out of it and look at sanskar.

Ram: beta!! Sorry I was thinking an important thing. What happened ?? Why you came??

Sanskar who didn’t want to trouble his dad more said : nothing bad!! Just need your signature in this files that’s it!!!. I’m going in my cabinet bye.

Ram : bye beta!

Scene change.

Sanskar cabinet : where ragini was already there waiting for sanskar. When sanskar entered , he was surprised to see ragini.

Sanskar : ragini!!! You here!! What happens??

Ragini : why sanskar?? Do I need a reason to come here. ?? Yes I’m feeling bored yr.

Sanskar who was busy in his work said : soo what just do what ever you want.!!

Ragini : really!! Ok
Ragini close the file which sanskar was reading and forcefully take him with her somewhere.

Scene changes :
Swara who was returning from was very happy as today she again made the first position in class.

Swara : today I will make a big surprise for maa!! Oooh God I’m so excited.

When swara reached home she was shocked to see her mother on floor breathing heavily.

Swara : maaaa!! What happen!! Maaa wake up!!! Maaaa
Janki was unconscious and swara was get tensed without time she took some neighbors help and place janki on bed. Swara was very scared as her mother her life was in this state. Swara didn’t know what to do from whom to ask help just then she remember janki saying that she had an uncle named ram. So swara search a lot in her mother’s room and with great difficult she found his mobile phone number.

Swara dailed on this number and after a few minutes a male voice is heard.

Swara : hello.. Uncle I’m swara Bose janki’ s daughter.
Ram who was working in his laptop stop and said : swara mera beta!!.

Swara in cracking voice : uncle my mother is very sick !! Please help us please!!!!

Ram who was shocked quickly said: where you are staying?? I’m coming soon… And don’t worry I will call the doctor. Give me your address.

Swara : thank you uncle . Note xxxx in kolkatta. Please uncle come soon. Bye.

Ram : don’t cry beta!! Nothing will happen to your mother. Bye.
Phone call end.
Swara was crying a lot. She can’t tolerate it. Soo she went to her room and start praying to God. Swara put her hand near the lamp saying that until her mother don’t get well she won’t remove her hand..

Ram was trying his best to reach on time and at last he came with a doctors. They quickly went to janki room. Ram was shocked to see his sister like that so he went in search of swara to see if she is fine or not. At the same time doctor is checking janki.

Ram saw swara’ s hand is near the fire and is a little burnt. He quickly remove her hand.

Ram : swara!! what are you doing??are you mad??

Swara: yes!! Yes!! I’m mad.!! I can’t see my mother like this.

Ram : have faith in God!! Everything will be fine.

Swara was crying a lot and ram was consoling her.

Scene change: in a restaurant .

Sanskar : ragini why you bring me here ??

Ragini: oooh Mr !! You yourself said do what ever you want !! So I bring you here.

Sanskar : please ragini. I have a lot of work to do. Let’s me go.

Ragini: don’t you dare to move otherwise I will kill you!!.

Sanskar; OK meri maaa.

They eat their dinner and talk a lot. They had spent a lot of time.

Sanskar : okk now let’s go. Please…..

Ragini : yes but tomorrow we will go to party. Okk

Sanakar: okkk. But before sanskar could say something more her mom phoned him

Sujata in a tensed voice. : sanskar beta!! Is your father with you??

Sanskar : what mom!! Noo papa is not here !! What happen ??

Sujata: beta your father is not in office neither at home.

Sanskar : what omg!! Don’t worry I will search papa. Bye!!

Sujata: bye and take care.
Phone call end.

Ragini : what happened sanskar?? Why you are so tensed. ??

Sanskar : let’s go ragini I will drop you at your home ??

Ragini : won’t you tell me??
Sanskar who didn’t have time take take outside and they drove to ragini home.

In car: sanskar; sorry ragini but what to do. ?? Papa is missing and mum is getting worry.

Ragini : what where is he??.

Sanskar : in my head. ?? How will I know ye.
After sometime they reached ragini ‘ s house. And then sanskar again drove to office to get some information.

Recap : swasan meeting and more drama.

Sorry for any mistakes. I will try my best to reduce it.

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  1. Soujanya


    1. Malika

      Thank you soo soo much soujanya. ????

  2. Radhika..

    Awesome part di swara care for janki and ram caring for his sister that he came by leaving all his work and sanskar knowing his father very well that he got his worries and sujata and sanskar tension and caring for ram hope janki got well soon and swasan first meet with drama whats gonna happen ?? Di ur writting is so good i am becoming fan of it day by day loved it love u di???☺☺

    1. Malika

      Awww choti thank you soo soo much. Hope janki will be fine let’s see. Wow really choti love you yr. You made my day through your comments. Thank you yr it really means a lot. ????

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo soo much s. ????

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  4. Kakali

    Ommmggg !!! Diii… it’s superb… *taking ointment n applying it on Swara’ s hand – Swara don’t worry mera baccha… u r strong naa… nothing will happen to Jhanki maa… Don’t cry … ur tears r soo precious for me.. *hug her..
    Swara u know i have a feeling like someone is going to enter in ur life… someone important… *m here a fortune teller… huhuhuhuh..

    sorry di for d long comment.. u know na i can’t stop myself from blabbering… n u have to bear me… huhuhuhu…
    Thnk u…

    1. Malika

      Yes choti I know you well yes I will bear you because I love you. Haha…… Awwwww swara see kakali is with you. Thank you soon soo much for your beautiful and cute comments. I like them.
      Kakali as fortune teller from when. Haha. ….. And that’s too for swara. Omg don’t worry choti I will make you in this ff. ????

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    Sorry got a little bit crazy

  6. SNY

    Awesome diii..
    Plz nxt one….

    1. Malika

      Awwww choti thank you soo soo much. I will update next ep until I don’t get a good response in this ff. May be today or next Saturday. Thank you once again. ????

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  8. ooohh di…di u know what it was awesome fantabulous i m very excited for swasan meeting ummmmma a tight hug to u di

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      Awww maha a big hug from me. ?Here is a small flowers. Thank you choti for your amazing comments I will update soon until I don’t get a good response. Love you yr choti. You made my day. ????

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    uuhhh waiting precap….love it malika.. ty

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    Awsm part di…
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  15. I am angry with you di…you didn’t tell me that you are writing a. ff…I just read it…but please give me the link of previous part…it’s awesome…

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    Soo sorry choti. Please don’t get angry . See I’m holding my ears.

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