Swaragini : swasan ff Love story ( by malika) ep 1

Hey guys thank you so soo much for your support. I know many people don’t want to see raglak in negative role . I thought to make them negative forever but I don’t want to make anyone disappointed so I will make raglak negative only in two ep. You all will see ragsan and swalak friendships bonding. I don’t want to make anyone disappointed and please tell me if you don’t like the ff. I will give a small intro of swara and then I will start the ff

Swara Bose : only daughter of janki. Very intelligent girl. 17 years old. She is still studying. Love her mother a lot. And is best in writing story.

Janki Bose : mother of swara. 44 years old and cousin of ram. Love her daughter a lot. Always has a dream which will reveal in third or second ep. Her husband is no more.

Actually swara and janki are middle class people. So let’s start.

morning in a village :

We can see many big buildings and in the sky their are many birds flying like they have got freedom. Then we go to a balcony . There we can see a beautiful girl is drying some clothes. Yes she is swara. After that she goes in the kitchen and started shouting. :

Swara : maaa! !! Where are you?? I’m getting late for college. Maa!!

Then wq go in the terrace where an old lady is with one children . She is telling them a story. But after hearing swara voice she stopped and yes this lady is janki. She then said. :

Janki : yes betaa!! I’m coming. Just wait.

After telling that janki went in the kitchen where swara was waiting for her.

Swara: maaaa quickly take your breakfast and take your medicine. Doctor has said that you should take them on time.

Janki : haaah! Beta I will take it. You just go to college. Aren’t you getting late??

Swara bit her tongue : yes yes yes! Bye maa!! See you afternoon.
Taking a bread in her hand.

Scene change in a. Coffee shop:

Two people are sitting. One is a girl and another is a boy. Yes it’s ragsan.

Ragini : sanskar you remember our childhood .!!

Sanskar who is drinking coffee : yes rags! I remember all the moment we had spent together it was Soo funny.

Ragini : what!!! Which moment??

Sanskar : you remember when we both went to school for the first time. When you first enter the school you slip in mud! Haha… You was looking like a dark chocolate wow. I wish that time I had my mobile phone then I could have take a picture. Haha.. .lol

Ragini: what the hell?? Okk now let’s go to office otherwise your mom will scold us.

Scene office.

Both ragsan went towards their cabins.

In sanskar cabin:

Sanskar was working in his laptop that sujata came with some files.
Sujata: beta!! Where were you in morning??

Sanskar : mum I was with ragini!! And what is this in your hand??

A small smile appears in sujata face : beta this is the file which contain some important information. You need to read it again and give it to your father.

Sanskar : ok mum. But where is papa I didn’t see him ??

Sujata; he is in his cabin beta. Okk bye read it once again and then give it to your father.

Scene in a big cabin:

A man is sitting with an old pictures . Yes this is ram and this is the picture of swara when she was a child and janki. Ram is thinking something while wearing swara. Suddenly we can hear a knock knock in that door.

Recap: ram and janki meeting.

Laksh entry will be later. And yes this atory will be a little different . Sorry for any grammar mistakes. I wrote this am all chappy in a hurry. Don’t worry I will give a long scene of swara in next ep. Today I was free soo I wrote it and next ep of my both ff will be on Saturday.

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  1. Malika

    Please forgive this bechari….. Solo many mistakes. …?????????

    1. Shrinjal

      Hahaa! Chalo, maaf kiya!
      Amazing epi di

      1. Malika

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      sorry dii if i hurt u…. chhoorryy !!!

      1. Malika

        Haha… What to do I’m in this conditions. Haha….. I’m not hurt.

    3. Shrinjal

      Haan di it’s so nice but y r u so tensed regarding epi?

      1. Malika

        What to do. I’m very busy in my personal problems.

    4. Amazing Chapter Di…

      1. Madam..aur bata..kaise ho

      2. Malika

        Thank you choti thank you soo much. ??

      3. Malika

        Thank you soo much. Love you. ???

      4. Malika

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      Thank you so soo much tamanna for your beautiful comments ???

    1. Malika

      Thank you so much anu and sorry for grammer mistakes in the ff. ???

  3. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Continue soon…

    1. Malika

      Thank you deeksha and sorry for grammer mistake in the ff. ????

      1. Deeksha

        No problem dear… It happens!!!!!! Even in my ff they occur……. There is no need of u being sorry!!!!!!

      2. Malika

        Awww thank you yr. Love you and your ff.

  4. Arshaanya

    V r ok wid raglak ngtve…
    Y r u chnging it plz dun change it…
    Continue as u ve thought… it ur cncpt plz

    1. Malika

      Oooh dear I have just changed some plots but everything will be the same. Raglak will have to negative.

  5. Awesome dear☺☺no need to b sorry..waitng fr nxt eagrly

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo soo much for your beautiful comments. ??

  6. nice start..

    1. Malika

      Thank you s and it will be a little different from the serial. Sorry. ??

  7. AMkideewani

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        Love you too darling❤️❤️

  8. Mica

    Malikaa!!!!! huh! just continue soon….c’mon c’mon..

    1. Malika

      Thank you ssoo much mica. I will update next ep on Saturday. ??

  9. Kakali

    Saturday Saturday !!! come fast …
    omgg i have to wait sii long…..
    love it Dii… thnk for d beautiful chappy….

    1. Malika

      Omg have patience choti. Haha….. Love you too thanks you soo much for your beautiful comments. ???

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      Thank you so soo much dear. I really love your previous ff. On swasan ??

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    Amazing dr…
    Nxt one soon..

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  13. Anniya

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    I know I always says update next part asap but wat to do I seriously can’t able to wait for next part….

    1. Malika

      Haha…… You have to wait dear. Thanks you soo much. ????

  14. AnuAnn

    Don’t change the plot which u alrdy decided.. No prlm if you make raglak negative.. And you alrdy told that in your raglak ff swasan r negative so it w’ll be tallyed .. So it w’ll be compensated.. Heee heeee .. So don’t change it dear… And waiting for next part

    1. Malika

      No dear I’m not Sure about Swasan.thank you soo soo anu. Raglak will be negative here. Keep supporting dear. ????

  15. Teja

    Thanku u so much when will u update raglak ff-

    1. Malika

      Raglak ff will be posted on Saturday. Thanks you soo much. And update your both ff soon.

    2. Teja

      Ok my badi?

      1. Malika

        Love you choti

    3. Teja

      Love u too badi

  16. 17yrs bit odd

    1. Malika

      Why. I know swara is too young but this story is like a Pakistani serial soo. That why and thank you so soo much. ???

  17. Radhika..

    Amazing part di and don’t say sorry and bechari as u r not bechari and about the part the introduction is good swara care for her mother and ragsan talks and ragini slipping in mud and sujata having a smile hearing rags name means she want ragini to be sanskar wife and ram want swara its going to be interesting to see what happen in next part di loved it love u di???☺☺

    1. Malika

      You are right. I will update soon. Thank you so much for your lovely and beautiful comments. Keep supporting like that.

  18. Mahavir

    awesome di please make swasan met eachother soon

    1. Malika

      It will be sooner.

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