Swaragini SWASAN FF# chapter2


Swara leaves sanskaar wiping her tears just then ragini knocks their door…can i..?
Yes of coarse ragini come inside ragini comes inside n says….swara I’m really happy for u…after all my plan worked
Plan?? Umm…I didn’t understand ragini?
Ragini says yes plan FB starts….. Ragini asks sanskaar does swara love you? No she doesn’t sans replies her with a sad look we r just frnz….
No I think u both r more than frnz…..ragini says with a smile…. Sanskaar to know her feelings u need to first make her jealous… The fear of losing u she will confess her feelings she tells him about the kavita plan FB ends….
Ragini u r tge best sister in the world swara says hugging her..thanks a lot…ragini says if u can do so much for than why can’t i…. Swara u made me realize that family’s support is more important than husband’s love…then she leaves them alone….
So shall we go shona?? Yaa I’m ready swara instantly replies….

When both come back home sanskaar goes to the washroom to change when he comes out he finds swara sleeping (actually she’s just acting) sanskaar goes near her but without disturbing her while sleeping he also goes to sleep
Swara than gets up n goes closer to him but she finds him asleep n sleeps back….

Next morning
Swasan room
Swara wakes up early finds sans sleeping n goes to the bathroom…. When she comes out she sees him still sleeping….she goes near the mirror with a annoyed look just than sanskaar comes an holds her from back….what r u doing sanskaar?
Sanskaar pulls her hand back n sticks her to the wall he comes closer to her…swara closes her eyes….just then a voice comes from behind…. Sanskaar…..
He leaves her nervously… Then goes n opens tge door…goooddd.. morninggg…mom
Sujata says I want to talk to u….ok mom wait….she leaves from there…
Sanskaar says I don’t think anyone will let me go closer to u….she giggles n leaves to go downstairs… Then finds her maa baba she goes n hugs them….ragini comes n takes their blessing sumi blesses her while shekhar ignores….
Ragini then tells everyone that she wants to say something….
She says I never lost my memory I was just acting…everyone is shocked… Laksh gets teary eyed…. Her dadi is also there n comes n slaps her again u cheated us…don’t u feel ashamed??
Ragini says dadima let me explain myself… I did all this to correct my mistake I did it for swara not to win laksh….shekhar says u r again lying…no papa I m not….
Sumi says no shekhar if she had intentions to hurt us again….she wouldn’t had told us….pls forgive her shekhar says I can’t forgive her…but I m not angry with her B’coz what she has done is unforgivable
Dadi says I accept u as my granddaughter but u can’t become my laado again
Ragini is still crying n feels guilty she looks at swara who is also feeling bad for her
Swaragini look into each others eyes

Precap: ragini folds her hand and regrets to laksh for her doings she says she will never come back again in his life she is about to leave when he stops her…..
( sorry for mistakes if any)

Credit to: cherry

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