Swaragini SWASAN FF# chapter1

Hi frnz this is my 1st ff hope u like it…its after raginis electrocute drama..

2 months have passed and now swasan n raglak are staying together in MM…one day swara wakes up in the morning goes near tge window opens tge curtain smiles seeing the sun rays she has now started loving sanskaar..she looks at him sleeping n smiles…she goes to the bathroom… When she comes out after taking a shower she sees sanskaar looking at a photo..she goes near and finds the photo to be of kavita… She gets teary eyed goes near sanskaar wipes her tear n keeps her hand on his shoulder are u still in love with her? Yes of coarse she’s my first love sanskaar replies her swara without uttering a word goes from there crying silently

In raglak room
Laksh has also started loving ragini now..however ragini had no intentions this time to win over laksh’s heart….she just came here to make swara n sanskaar fall in love.
Ragini is folding the cloths when laksh comes to her..do you want anything? Ragini asks her with a innocent look..
Amm….no I just wanted to ask you can we go out for dinner tonight?
Ragini gives a enthusiastic smile and says… yes sure
Laksh gets happy and bids bye to her n leaves for office….

SwaSan room
Sanskaar is also getting ready to leave for office.. Swara comes to him and makes him wear his coat…
Swara looks at him…sanskar asks her what happened?
Swara says….umm I just wanted to ask u can we go out tonight?
Sanskaar says yes of coarse I will come early(he gets happy)
Swara gets happy and starts humming a song…she recalls sanskaar’ confession n gets happy she then recalls sanskaar looking at kavita’s photo… She gets restless and thinks does sanskaar loves me more than kavita??
Tonight I’ll confess my feelings to him and judge him by his reaction she then goes to the kitchen.

At night sanskaar comes back swara sees him and gets happy…
Ok let’s go…,ummm wait I want to ask you something swara asks him..can you forget kavita??
Sanskaar looks at her shocked
But she’s my first love..
Swara tries to hide her tears but is unable at last she goes near puts her head on his shoulder hugging him… I don’t know why but whenever you talk about kavita I get jealous
Sanskaar gets surprised at her outburst
At last swara says…I get jealous cause…I love you….
Sanskaar hugs her back and says I love you too…
They both get comfortable in each others embrace
Ragini is hiding outside their room and overhears their conversation… She gets teary eyed and smiles..

Precap: ragini tells everyone about her electrocut drama. Every one is shocked
( sorry guys for any mistakes)

Credit to: cherry

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  1. Heyyy…Cherry… Like it… But what made Ragini so good??…. I mean If Ragini is not negative then who will make the drama on??? Is Kavita alive in your story??? Don’t mind as I asked you Like this way….

  2. Dear Cherry…
    Do continue soon

  3. superb ya………………..really sooooo nice. I really like it………keep it up. I am eager to read the next episode.

  4. Thanx all of u? n brity I’ll make sujatha the villain

    1. Okay….

  5. How can I write a fan fiction

  6. superb… I wish this happens really in the story

  7. Your fañ fiction is amazing

  8. Hey cherry superb keep it up

  9. Really it’s awesome I love it alot bcoz I like ragini so much but hate d negative character u made her positive nd swarsan pair is nice love u yaar

  10. Cherry i wish u were the real writer of swaragini.

  11. Thanks a lot sana dear?
    You can write a ff too..u just need to go to contact us and say that u want to post stories soon they will reply you their email I’d and u can give ur chaptes n ff their

  12. wow cherry superb..liked it

  13. Oh my god…..no mistakes atall….its simply fantabulous…..keep it up….i luv it to da core……i hope dis track cums in da actual story too…sooooprb grt job….

  14. I love your fan fiction cherry

  15. It’s good but ragini…..hw come she changed so fast. She should be punished for her doings.

  16. Tweety pankaj

    Oh cherry why to include kavitha now.she is dead so leave her.apart from that story is awesome.please continue it I am waiting for the next one

  17. It’s superb cherry… I like it..

  18. When will u update the next episode? please update it soon, I am eagerly waiting….

  19. I think she tells everyone about her losing her memory…..it says in ur second part of the ff…..but it didn’t tell where she lost her memory

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