Swaragini (a swasan fanfic)

The story begins with Swara boarding the train to leave Kolkata.

Swara carried her bags onto the train and tried to find her seat, number 209. ‘oh, god I don’t know anyone in Mumbai what am I going to do?”
Swara was too busy thinking to notice the man in her way, before she had time to realise she was about to fall the man had snaked his arm around her waist to stop her from landing onto the ground.

“I’m sorry, It’s my fault I wasn’t looking where…” Swara finally looked up into the mans stormy grey eyes and stopped talking immediately. Swara smiled and squealed as loud as she could when she recognised the man. “Ashok, I haven’t seen you since school!”

Ashok and Swara had been best friends back in high school. “Swara, god you haven’t changed at all” Ashok smiled and thought about their school days, they used to be inseparable and they did nearly everything together. Ashok snatched Swara’s ticket out of her hands and glanced at it carefully. “Your seat is right opposite mine, what a coincidence lets go”

Swara grabbed her bags off the floor, that had fallen out of her hands when she fell and followed Ashok through the train to their seats. After finding her seat Swara put away her bags and checked her phone for the time, it was 2:34 am already and Swara was really tired so she decided to go to sleep while Ashok too a trip to the bathroom down the lane.

Sanskar pushed Swara away and stared at her, “just leave, I don’t want to see your face ever again, I know you’re not pregnant and you only want my money, Swara just leave !” Sanskar pushed Swara to the floor as she cried, “Sanskar, no please don’t leave me, I have nowhere else to go, Sanskar please” Swara begged.

“Swara, Swara wake up” Ashok tried to wake Swara r up when he saw her crying and shaking on her seat. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards him, “Swara wake up, please it just me”

Swara jolted awake and noticed that Ashok was holding her.
“Swara stop crying and who is Sanskar?” Ashok asked.

Next chapter: Swara tells Ashok why she had to leave Kolkata

Sorry if I wrote anything wrong this is my first story, Please comment and enjoy.

Credit to: Hasina


  1. Hasina.. Episode was good ur name… Sounds filmy…. Ashok from yhm.. I can’t imagine him at all..lol.. He is harsh n here so sweet..haha… Sounds interesting…

  2. KEIRA

    Don’t believe if sm1 says it first u must be mkng a gd story I’m ur mind.cuz more fights more clossines of chrctrs….lv us story go a head?????

  3. Sree harini

    Good episode dear..please continue and make it long. I think you have enough suspense in you fiction. All the best.

  4. Hasina

    Thank you lot for commenting, and don’t worry it’s not Ashok from yhm Ashok is a made up charecter. ?

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