Swaragini (a swasan fanfic part 2)


The story continues with Swara waking up from a night mare.

“Swara are you okay, what’s wrong? Tell me” Ashok said.
Swara let go of Ashok and sat onto the seat with tears streaming down her face.
“Sanskar was my husband, we got divorced a couple of weeks ago, and I found out I was pregnant. I was really scared and didn’t know what to do, I told my dida and she gave me two options,
I had to either go to Sanskar and stay with him or leave the city, I was so scared of what Sanskar was going to say I just packed my bags and left because dida wouldn’t let me back into the house ever again.” Swara finished telling Ashok and stopped crying.

“So you didn’t tell Sanskar you were pregnant, and left Kolkata to come to Mumbai because of your dida,” Ashok said from opposite her.

Swara nodded her head and looked out of the window. She didn’t tell Sanskar because she heard he was getting married again, it hurt her so much because she still loves him a lot.

Ashok was thinking about Kavita his girlfriend in Mumbai. He was going to Mumbai to stay with her in their house.
He picked up his phone from the space next to him and called her. He missed her a lot.

“Hey babe, how are you I’m
Missing you a lot” Ashok said with a smile.

“Hi honey I’m fine, are you on the plane safely” Kavita said.
“I had to take the train because the plane got delayed and the next flight was in 3 days” Ashok replied tired.
“The public train chee!” Kavita screeched.
Ashok: it was the fastest way, if you wanted me home fast.
Kavita: ok I love you I need to go now get some sleep.
Ashok: ok love you bye.

Ashok ended the call and saw Swara staring at him.

Ashok: that was my girlfriend on the phone by the way.
Swara: oh that’s so cute.
Ashok: haha thanks I think I might propose we’ve been together for 4 years, and I love her.

Ashoks cheeks were turning bright red.
Swara started to laugh and said “that’s so sweet”

Ashok: shut up and go to sleep it’s 4 am.
Ashok was blushing hard.

Part 3: *4 year leap*


Sorry if it was short and doesn’t make sense im new to writing. Please comment and enjoy ?

Credit to: Hasina

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