Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 9


Part 9

Shekhar says lets go home now and start preparing for the wedding, Swara starts to go when sanskaar says
Sanskaar:where are you going, you have to stay here your my wife
Swara:yeah but now we’re divorced and until we get married we can’t stay together.

Dg:I decided that Swara will stay here (sanskaar smiles at Swara) but they will stay in different rooms.
Swara smiles at Sanskaar.
Shekhar: now we’ll go, take care Swara

Afterwards when they go sujata tells sanskaar to take Swara shopping tomorrow. Uttara comes to Swara and takes her to the guest room and tells her to call her for anything, Swara nods and uttara goes. Swara lies down and thinks about her love confession and blushes. Suddenly she sees sanskaar (she actually day dreaming)
Sanskaar:blush blush
Swara: I’m no…not blushing, she gets embarrassed
Sanskaar: by the way you look really cute when your embarrassed
Swara: really
Sanskaar: no deepika padukone
Swara gets angry and throws a pillow at him and realises she was daydreaming, she laughs at herself and goes to sleep.

However in sanskaars room he can’t go to sleep and thinks to climb from the upstairs to swaras room.

In lakshs room, he cries thinking about swasan wedding and then remembers ragini’s words and goes to sleep.

Sanskaar manages to get inside swaras room and gets underneath swaras blanket next to her. Swara opens her eyes and is about to scream, but sanskaar covers her mouth.he then releases his hand.
Swara:sanskaar what are you doing here
Sanskaar:to meet my soon to be wife
Swara: at this time
Swara: what do you mean so, now go to your room

Sanskaar: not without a kiss and a hug
Swara: what, and she sits up straight and so does sanskaar
Sanskaar then comes closer and lifts her chin up and they kiss passiontly, Swara then gets shy and hugs him
Swara:now will you go please
Sanskaar: since your saying it so nicely, I’ll go

As he is about to go he gives Swara a flying kiss and she returns it.

Promo:swasan go shopping and Sanskaar is shown tired after carrying all of swaras bags

Credit to: Mumina

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