Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 8


Swara in the morning wears her normal modern clothes and gets ready to leave. When she comes to the living room she sees the whole maheshwari family’ including Abhi Swara greets everyone

Swara: what are you all doing here
Sugata:your going today, so in that happi…. I mean sadness we’ve come to see you
Swara: well you’ve come at the right time as I was just about leave
Swara takes everyone’s leave and says bye to sanskaar. Ragini and sumi cry for Swara when she leaves.

Alone Abhi tells something to sanskaar
Abhi: if you don’t go after her today you will lose her forever
Sanskaar looks at him
Abhi:I know you love Swara, it’s kind of obvious you know, anyway are you going to stay here speaking to me or are you going to go after her or what.
Sanskaar looks at him and then starts to run after her.

Swara who just got in the car, starts driving when she hears something and sees sanskaar running, she gets out of the car and sanskaar says I LOVE YOU
Sanskaar:I said I love you
Swaras eyes fill with tears
Sanskaar: are you just going to stand there and cry or do something
Swara runs to sanskaar and puts her hand around his neck and says I love you too, sanskaar spins her.
Swara:what now
Sanskaar:what do you mean yo come to my house and and live there
Swara: did you forget you applied for a divorce
Sanskaar: no you did
Swara:no you did
Sanskaar: no I did
Swara:exactly no lets go to your house

Sanskaar picks Swara up and carries Swara to the car
Swara smiles. In the car she call ragini
Swara: hi ragini
Ragini: Swara wha…
Swara:ragini don’t ask me any questions just go to maheshwari hose with the family
Ragini:ok Swara

When Swara and sanskaar get out of the car Swara says
Swara: one minute, we’ll convince everyone but what about your mom
Sanskaar: you don’t worry about her

When they go inside they explain everything, how they applied for divorce but then realised they love each other so they thought of cancelling it and marrying again.
Everyone accepts their relationship except sujata.
Durga prasad: this is why arranged marriage is better, since there are no confusion but anyway I accept this relationship.

Without anyone noticing laksh gets upset and goes upstairs. Ragini realising he’s gone she goes to his room and finds him. She tells him how she understand how he feels and tells him to be happy for Swara. They both become friends again and goes downstairs.

Sanskaar: mom before you say anything, I want to tell you something if you don’t accept this relationship between me and swara I’ll take my life (he’s actually just mocking her since she always says this)everyone looks amused.
Sujata:fine it’s not like I have a choice is it, I accept Swara as my daughter in law.

Everyone smiles and congratulates swasan

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. sorry forgot to do the promo: dg says that swara will stay in maheshwari house but in a different room to swara, later at night sanskaar climbs up to swars room

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  2. Lovin it
    Waiting fr their sweet romance

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  4. Tum agar swaragini ki writter hoti to swaragini ab jitna popular ha usa jehada popular ota yaaarrrrrr.

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  5. Wo toh sach he mumina. Aur please add raglak yani ki ragya romance.:-)

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