Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 7


Hi guys, unfortunately i cant upload much ff on weekdays due to school, but I’ll still do it after school.

Part 7

Swaragini are looking so cute with their beach outfit. On the beach there is a massive stage and swara asks Abhi what’s going on there. Abhi tells her about a music competition that’s going on and asks her if she wants to join with him. Swara says yes and looks at sanskaar for his reaction. But she gets upset when she sees him not even looking at her.

When it’s almost time for Swara to go she stresses out on the changing room. Then she hears a knock on the door and sees its sanskaar.
Swara:what happened sanskaar, why are you here
Sanskaar:close your eyes
Sanskaar:no buts just close your eyes
Swara closes her eyes and sanskaar puts a necklace around her neck. Swara opens her eyes and sees the necklace and gets happy.
Swara says thanks him and gives him a kiss on the cheeks and hugs him, sanskaar hugs her back.

Swara and Abhi goes on stage and perform on the song sunny sunny and this random man keeps looking at Swara.
After their performance that man comes up to Swara and she jumps due to excitement as that person who came up to her is a famous music producer whose name is rohit.
Rohit talks to Swara about her future music career with him, he gives her his music card and tells her to think about it.

Swara decides to as she thinks that sanskaar doesn’t love her, she tells this to Abhi.even parents allowed her to go to Mumbai to pursue her career.

Promo:sanskaar runs after Swara as she is about to go, Swara hears him and stops the car, sanskaar then tells her that he loves her and swara also tells him that and then they hug

Credit to: Mumina

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    1. sorry i did it while doing my homework, ill try to make it

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  7. Hey its going too fast….just slow down..u can do much better than this…ive already told u not to break the suspense…make it a bit lengthy ….love proposal in 8th chpter?? That soon?? Just think abt it ….even after that try to make it interesting and exciting

    1. actually some people are finding it boring so i thought of doing the love confession on chapter 8

  8. Super cool yaar mumina but pls make more interesting n romantic !!!

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