Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 6


Part 6

Swaragini in the morning wake up and wear their summer clothes, Abhi comes and pick them up. Sanlak are also getting ready to go.
Finally when they all arise at Goa, Sanlak get mesmerised by Swaragini, but both get jealous seeing Abhi with them.

Swara gets all excited seeing all her friends and goes to them and hugs them. Abhi comes and says ok that’s enough we’re all tired from the long journey, so let’s go check in, in the hotel. Swaragini was sharing one room and everyone else had their own room. Swara was having difficulty taking her luggage upstairs so sanskaar helped her take it, Swara says thanks to him.

At night time swasan couldn’t go to sleep they kept on missing each other so first sanskaar went to the roof(the roof was really nice since it had a big swing and there were flowers everywhere and you could see the sky properly. After a while Swara comes and sees sanskaar and sit next to him after a long awkward silence, Swara asks sanskaar wether she can come inside the blanket he was wearing and sanskaar allows her to, they were then really close. Then at the same time they say I want to tell you something sanskaar tells Swara to say it first.

Swara says I’ve started f…. Oh look a shooting star, sanskaar says where, so she uses his hand and points at it. After a while Swara puts her head on sanskaar shoulder and falls asleep. Not knowing she is asleep he confesses his love for her and realises she is asleep afterwards and not wanting to disturb her he also sleeps there.

In the room ragini calls laksh and Abhi saying that swasan are missing. After searching for them they find them but don’t want to disturb them so they go.
Sanskaar later wakes up and wakes Swara as well.

Promo: Swara and Abhi dances on sunny sunny, while this random guy looks at Swara,later Swara in a drunkard state says I love you.

Credit to: Mumina

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