Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 3


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Everyone looks shocked as swara slaps laksh. Swara says enough laksh, how many time will you insult my sister and my h…… I mean sanskaar, it was not only their fault if you had trusted me on our marriage day and not have married my “sister” all this wouldn’t have had happened.

But I thought you love me says laksh and swara replies no laksh I used to love you but now I don’t, she also says sorry to everyone and ask Durga prasad for forgiveness. But he instead says you did right now at least he won’t do this in the future.

Swara goes outside and cries. Sanskaar follows and sees Swara drenched in the water. He goes to Swara and wipes her tears, swara looks at sanskaar and hugs him. At first he doesn’t respond and then hugs her tightly. Swara then breaks out of the hug and tries to go but sanskaar pulls Swara towards him and they have an eye lock. Swara still in that position tells sanskaar what is he doing and he replies your house isn’t that way, come I’ll drop you home.

Swara who is embarrassed says I knew that. Sanskaar laughs. Halfway through the journey the car breaks down. Oh shit it’s a flat tyre and I don’t even have a spare one we’ll have to stay in a hotel sanskaar mutters. It’s okay I’ll just phone home and tell them, sanskaar nods at Swara.

Swara tells everything to ragini and cuts the call. Ragini thinks everything is happening due to her and goes to pray. As they walk looking for a hotel Swara starts feeling cold so sanskaar gives Swara his jacket. Swara says it’s okay but sanskaar knows Swara is actually really cold. When they arrive sanskaar asks for two rooms but there are only one room available so they have to share.

When they come to the room they feel awkward since it was a honeymoon suite and the room was decorated with petals and candles. Sanskaar breaks the silence and says there are some clothes on the bed that you can wear (since it was a honeymoon suite the clothes were short clothes that came up swaras knee) when Swara comes back from the washroom sanskaar looks at Swara in a romantic way and comes closer to her. Swara asks sanskaar what is he doing, but he says nothing and comes closer and adjusts swaras hair. They again have an eye lock.

Sanskaar then starts to leave when Swara says thanks to him.

Promo: sanskaar comes behind Swara and put his hand on swaras belly through the gap o her saree.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. Thank you for writing so soon. I liked the update.

  2. How do u get such romantic ideas mumina if u can then update nxt part also

    1. I live in London and I’m 12 years old and I started watching indian daily soaps since i was little so i really mainly get my ideas from all my years of watching

  3. hey mumina,
    Very gud episode
    Love swasan scene
    Hope swara fall 4 sanskar soon
    Your writing skills are very gud

  4. Wow ur imagination is really good.I am just reading here but i can imagine that scenes. Waiting for ur next update.

  5. Nice one swasan is during the best couple I like it

  6. Gud oneeee….:-))))

  7. Nice one..ur way of writing makes us to imagine the scene since we cant see it on screen…great work nd keep explaing evry moment clearly…expecting more from you

  8. Superb yaar munima !!!??

  9. how can u guys be so selfish and how can u ask swara to fall for sanskaar where she actually loves laskh still, how can u ask anyone fall for other just u like the pair, and everybody supports sanskaar just because he supported swara, but he started dividing swara and laksh for just his wrong thought, didnt u watch the latest updates, varun kapoor himself revealed that he will repent for his mistake by uniting swara and laksh, even he wants both to be united as both of them love so much, just sanskaar loves swara, that does not means swara should love him return, it should be her decision to what to do next,as she also feels there is no mistake of laksh in this track, faults have to be repented and they should get chance to repent, how can u ask swara to love sanskaar, just because he turned positive and helped her in uniting the parents, its a feeling, nobody shouldnt ask to love anyone, and mostly afterall she brought all the truth with the help of laksh, if he doesnt help her by planning against ragini den the truth cant get out, im not against swasan, but im asking nobody plz dont force anyone to love other, plz and u all to know onething first she still loves laksh cant u see how she looked laksh when he reached farmhouse in night

  10. O my gosh dis is super romantic !! Pls cntinu yaar mumina !!!★★☆

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