Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 18


part 18.
Todays episode is the last ff I’m writing. Thanks you for reading all of my ff until now.

Sanlak finally manages to track their location.
Laksh: Bhai how did you do this
Sanskaar: unlike you i used to focus in college instead of flirting with girls
Laksh itches his hair and gets embarrassed
They both take everyones blessing and they tell them to take care.

Sanlak arrive at the warehouse
Laksh: this looks like the perfect location for a horror movie
Sanskaar: this is no time to joke
Laksh: sorry
They find the door locked and think of what to do
Laksh: i might of not had focused but i had always had a better eye sight than you, he points to another door at the back
Sanskaar: yeah whatever

They enter the warehouse and sees some goons, they both split up. they both start fighting with the goons. Sanskaar sees kavita coming and tells Laksh to go get Swara i’ll deal with Kavita. Laksh nods and goes.

Kavita: I knew you still loved me thats why you came back
Sankaar: let me clear that misunderstanding i love Swara and i came back for her
Kavita: Aww playing hard to get
Sanskaar gets fustrated.

Laksh comes and sees swara tied up. He releases her and swara says thanks.
Laksh: swara are u ok
Swara: yeah but wheres sanskaar
Laksh: he is talking to kavita
SWara: ok now lets go there

They come to the room where Kavita and Sanskaar are.
Swara: sanskaar
Sanksaar: swara
They both run up to each other and hug. Daarmiyaan plays in the background.
Kavita: you wont agree like this will you
She gets a gun and points it towards swasan, shes about to shoot when someone from the back shoots at her gun. Its the police along with DG.
The police take Kavita away.
DG: are you all okay

They all nod and go back home.
Sujata: I decided that you both will get married today and that is final.
Everyone agrees and pareenita and ragini take swara and get her married.

In the mandip the pandit is about to say the ritual whene swara interrupts.
Swara: Sankaar why should i mary you
Everyone say not again
Swara: give me 3=4 good reasons on why i should marry you.
Sankaar: because i love you, you love me and because you belong to me only and i belong to you
Swara: okay now we can get married..

They both get married and everyone smile.
Sujata: now we will all take that thing that all children take these days sel
Swara: you mean selfie
Sujata: yeah that
Everyone take a selfie and swasan look at each other.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. Awesome dear…we will miss it

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    1. No this is fake

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    Why dont dey make serials which goes fr 5/6 months n den othr serials. N dose actors can act fr a different serial.
    No dragging of stories n all.
    A lot of serials i loved at 1st 5/6 months. Bt den dey start showing 2/3 mrgs, ghost, twins, death n return of deaths etc. N then i start hating d serials which i loved once.
    Dont know when d writers ll undrstand dis 😐

    1. exactly sush.totaly agree with u..i always think the same lol

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