Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 17

hi guys this fan fiction is not part of my sequel. I have done this one as these days on TV they aren’t showing any swasan romantic scenes. Hope you guys enjoy???

It’s swasan anniversary today. Swara brings breakfast and she puts it on the table. She kisses Sanskaar on his cheek. She’s about to go but sanskaar pulls her towards him.

Sanskaar: good morning Shona
Swara: good morning
Sanskaar comes close to swara but swara pushes him. She then hides something behind her back.
Sanskaar: what is it
Swara shows it to Sanskaar and says surprise
Sanskaar: wow is today something special
Swara: what do you mean special don’t you remember what day it is today
Sanskaar: is it your birthday or something
Swara: it’s our anniversary

Sanskaar: really
Swara: don’t try and trick me I know what you’re trying to do
Sanskaar: I can’t even give my wife a surprise. She’s too smart
Swara: ok now give me my gift
Sanskaar: not now on the evening
Swara keeps pestering him.

After breakfast Sanskaar goes to office and swara goes to her room. She finds a note and a red and gold saree. On the note it tells her to wear that and at 6 the driver will take her somewhere blindfolded. Swara smiles.

Swara arrives and sees a garden decorated so nicely. She goes to the house and sees the door opened, she goes inside and sees it da rk and suddenly someone closes it. All of sudden the room goes bright with candles and sanskaar goes to swaras back and puts a necklace on her and says happy anniversary Shona.

Swara looks at sanskaar and is about to say something when sanskaar puts his finger on swaras lips. He comes closer to her and puts her chin up and they have a soft kiss. Swara gets shy and is about to go but sanskaar holds her saree and comes closer to her from the back and opens swaras knot on the back of her saree. Swara closes her eyes as sanskaar kisses her back. He then puts his hand on swaras belly.

He turns swara around and they have an eye lock. They kiss pationantly until sanskaar carries swara to the bed. They kiss intensely as swara unbottoms sanskaars shirt. Sanskaar throws swaras saree in the air and comes toward Swara. He slowly starts kissing her cheeks then lips, then neck. They then consummate their marriage.
Later swara is lying on sanskaar arm and says I love you. Sanskaar says I love you too.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. nysha thappar

    Omg!!!! It’s so good!! Love swasan!

  2. Hey it was really nic n awesm
    HATS OFF TO U!!!
    its juz a killer one
    Luvd it

  3. Loved it ….

  4. hope this one come true in swasan life, plz writer put this scenes in the serial. Make swasan couple then the serial will be more interesting

  5. Its too good….swasan rocks….keep it up yaar

  6. Oh pls stop it..!!! How on earth u think swasan are going to happen!!! Don’t write this crap mumina whatever its a worst nightmare which u are writing down and secondly why u ppl think swasan are couple I even hate to join their name!!! And u bhenji!!!

    1. excuse me if u rlly hate the name of SwaSan then u shouldnt even read this fan fiction..and for ur kind of information reject or not swasan re made for each other…am sorry to say this but u swalakians fans need to accept the fact

  7. We not only think but we r sure cause 80 percent r SWASAN fans

  8. aisha if u dont like it then y did u sytop by to read it…. it is only for swasan fans so if u r not better keep ur opinions to yourself

  9. Thnx guys

  10. Hey nice fan fiction keep going and can anyone tell me the procedure to write fan fiction.

  11. Aishsha if u don’t like then keep the comment to you itself and please at least mumina tried what the hell u did and please I really gonna say swasan is the best couple ever not swalak

  12. It was lovely… Keep it up

  13. Plz Aisha its not gud 2 say to sb like this….the girl has tried her best.appreciate her….if u don’t like then don’t read let others enjoy….

  14. Keep it up dear momina…loved it…plz continue writing and don’t feel bad of the stupid comments bcz some people don’t know the value of gold?…keep it up…all the best…

  15. Bestttttttttt episode in the world world ………..
    thanxs munima

  16. Hey mumina this is awesome yaar …swasan rockzzz …ur narration style is also very natural …i am able to see those scenes …grt job dude….
    dnt wry abt negative comments yaar…the majority here r swasan fansss ..plz u at least post it regularly dr…take care ?

  17. Aisha you should keep your comments to yourself that’s better for you if you hate swasan then stop reading this ff swasan is the best couple in the world

  18. Good work mumina plz do update this kind of sequel

  19. Rocking awesome but i dont think dhanya ( sanskaar’s or varun’s wife) will appreciate it. LOL!!!!!!! Awesome story

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