Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 17


Part 17

At night time swara is speaking to sankar on the phone on her room. They talk about how the sangeet was and sanskaar talks about how tomorrow you will be mine. Swara blushes. Then all of a sudden swara screams. Sanskaar says swara what happened. He rushes to his room and sees swara missing and there was a note written swara has been kidnapped. Everyone hears the noise and comes and sees what happened. Sujata says where is swara. Laksh sees the note and reads it out loud. Everyone is shocked.

In the warehouse where swara has been kidnapped. She demands to know where she is. Then kavita comes and swara is shocked. Kavita says why are you looking at me like that, I told you that I won’t be nice anymore. Swara says what do you want from me? Kavita says sanskaar. She leaves.

Swara sees a phone and tries to get it, she finally gets it and calls sanskaar. Everyone sees the call from an unknown number, they all tell him to answer it. He answers it and says hello! Swara says sanskaar, sanskaar says swara……where are your u. She says I don’t know but I think kavita kidnapped me and has kept me in a warehouse. Sanskaar hits the wall. Kavita comes and snatches the phone and slaps her.

Everyone hears the slap. Sanskaar is about to say something when swara says how dare you slap me do you even know who I am I’m swara Bose, I mean swara sanskaar maheshwari, well after tomorrow I will. Laksh rolls his eyes and says typical swara and he remembers their first meet. Kavita says you have 24 hours to find swara and one more thing don’t even try and call the police. She cuts the phone.

Anuparna says what should we do now. Sanskaar says it’s very easy all we have to do is track this call.

Promo: sanskaar finds swara and swara runs toward him and hugs him.

Credit to: Mumina

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