Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 16


hi guys I’m really sorry I didn’t post any ff, I was moving houses and we still didn’t connect the wifi so I’m using my moms phone. I’m really this ff is going to be really short.

After raglaks individual dance they both dance together on d se dance. Ragini makes laksh trip and wins. Dadi and dida dance on dole re dole. They argue on who was better so everyone decided to not count their dance.

Pareenita and adarsh dance on me rang shaarbotan ka. Later laksh tells ragini that swasan fell in love, they even got married but they haven’t done one thing. Swasan feel embarrassed. Ragini says not that thing we meant propose. Sanskaar says what the point we’re going to get married anyway. Swara says what do you mean you have to propose to mean I didn’t even say yes to this marriage, sanskaar says that’s because I know you want to marry me.

Laksh says now you have to definitely need to propose to bhabi. Sanskaar proposes to swara in a filmy way with the song I love you in the background. Swara says I have to think about it in a joke way and says yes. Sanskaar is about to hug her but swara stops him and says everyone is looking. Everyone laughs.

Laksh says not bad bro, ragini says now it’s swaras turn to dance. Swara dances on manwe lagwe. Sanskaar gets mesmerised seeing her. Sanskaar dances on tu meri. They both then dance on hangover.

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Credit to: Mumina

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