Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 13


In the morning Swara wakes up and sees everyone doing wedding preparations. She sees ragini on the ladder and asks her to be careful. Ragini says don’t worry.
Swara hears sanskaar calling her and goes to his room. She asks him what’s wrong and sees the room is a mess. She scolds him and starts tidying up. Sanskaar says I can’t find my folder, have you seen it. Swara gives it to him, sanskaar says I don’t know what I would do without you, Swara says nothing at all, they laugh. He comes closer to her and she moves away, she says I have to go now or else mom will create a scene. They suddenly hear ragini screaming.

Downstairs ragini falls from the ladder but laksh catches her and they have an eye lock. Swasan see them and sigh of relief on the middle of the staircase. Swara slips and falls down the stairs (it was only a few stairs so that’s why she only broker her leg temporarily) sanskaar yells Swara. Everyone comes and sees what’s happening. Swara starts moaning. Sanskaar says couldn’t you have been care full, he sees what’s happening. Ragini says Swara what happened, Swara says I slipped. She tries to stand up but is unable. Laksh says I think she broke her leg. He comes to help her but sanskaar picks Swara up and carries her to her room.

He calls the doctor, Swara says there’s no need of the Doctor but he ignores her. Few minutes later the doctor comes he says it’s nothing to worry about its just a minor fracture she just needs bed rest. He then leaves. Sanskaar starts scolding her. Swara pretends to be upset and sanskaar apologies to her. Swara starts laughing and then sanskaar realises she was fooling him. Swara says I’m sorry, I know you just care for me, sanskaar smiles at her and is about to go but Swara stops him and tells him I love you sanskaar he comes to her and says I love you too. He then hugs her.

Promo: It’s swaras mehendi, she dances on jab mehendi laga javee, when kavita comes with the same NGOs women

Credit to: Mumina

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  4. Please try to write more matter as it is very very very short…..

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    1. This is NOT REAL this is a fan fiction

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  9. I just wish this fan fiction of swasan is the real swaragini I will be glad

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