Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 11


Chapter 11

Sanskaar brings tea for Swara and asks her how is it, Swara tries it and says it’s nice, sanskaar then tries it and spits it out and says it’s so disgusting. Swara tells him he probably added salt instead of sugar, sanskaar asks her why she didn’t tell him. Swara says because this tea has been made out of lots of love, that’s why it’s sweet for me.

Sanskaar says shall I tell you something else that is sweet. He comes closer to her and is about to kiss her and then Swara pushes him and runs. But sanskaar catches her and pulls her towards him and she puts her hands on sanskaars chest and he puts one of his hands on her waist and uses the other one to put her chin up. They are just about to kis when raglak rushes to their room and call them.

When they come downstairs sanskaar gets shocked as he sees someone. It’s kavita (it’s typical in Indian dramas if someone dies they come back alive). Kavita comes and hugs sanskaar says baby I missed you so much. Swara loses her balance and knocks over the flowers jar. Swara says I’m okay and picks up the glasses and hurts herself but she doesn’t tell anybody.

Sanskaar: kavita how are you alive
Kavita:I didn’t actually die my family kidnapped me and kept imprisoned all these years and now I escaped so we can be together
Sanskaar:but I don’t love you anymore I love Swara
Kavita:are you joking, how can you like a girl like her, have you even seen her face
Sanskaar gets angry

Ragini:listen girl I understand your feelings but that doesn’t mean you can talk shit about my sister
Swara:still in shock, no ragini let her speak she is just upset

Sanskaar: I’m sorry Kavita but I don’t love you
Kavita:no this can’t be possible, you said you can never love anyone apart from me

She comes up to Swara and says it’s all her fault and holds her hand making everyone see her cut and how it’s bleeding.
Sanskaar comes and pushes her away and sees to swaras cut.

Sanskaar: how could you be so careless Swara
Swara: this is just a little wound
Sanskaar dresses her wound.
Kavita gets angry.

Promo: shekhar says lets go home Swara, Swara tells him she has complete trust over sanskaar.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. Superb waiting fr next part

  2. Wow it’s so awsome
    i just can’t wait for next part i’ve become a great fan of ur stories mumina nd the way u write is totally marvellous 🙂

  3. it was awesome wting fr next episode..

  4. wow mumina…i think the real swaragini writer will do it after swasan union..they will bring kavitha as next villain..and dr u should write for seriels..lv u :*

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  6. can’t wait for next episode

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  9. could u please make fiction story on dsddsb

    1. I don’t know what that is

  10. Good one…kavitha’s entry

  11. Superb yaar mumina !!

    Pls kabi maat ruk na !!!!

  12. N nice update. Now a new villain in the story. Waiting for the next part.

    Who is kavita???
    Actually I m not watching this serial from starting so may be u guys could help.

    1. Kavita is sanskaars old Bengali girlfriend who he was about to marry but she was killed on their marriage day. Thinking it was Durga prasad he came back 5 years later for revenge but then Swara changed him and that’s how swasan started

  13. Thanks for all the lovely comments

  14. its duplicate kavita n its all ragini’s plan.

    1. No it’s not, it is actually her

    2. Plus ragini in my ff is good

  15. noooo….pls dnt bring kavita back.I dnt want swara to be in pain…plssssss

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