Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 10


Sry I couldn’t upload any ff yesterday and since my exams are coming up I’m very busy so this ff will be quite short.

In the morning sanskaar tells Swara to get ready quickly. Swara is taking a long time to get ready but is looking very gorgeous in her gold long dress. Sanskaar gets impatient.

Sanskaar:why did you take so long and he says some other mean stuff
Swara: gets angry and says I never told you to take me shopping so don’t blame me and on top of that instead of complimenting me your yelling at me and she storms of to the car.

Sanskaar realises he said too much and tries to apology

Sanskaar: I’m sorry Shona please forgive me, um by the way did I tell you how hot you look today
Swara continues to ignore him.
He makes adorable sad faces and holds his ears.
Swara:fine then I forgive you as it is it’s hard to stay angry and on top of that your looking so cute.

Sanskaar and swara arrive at the mall and swara runs to the toy shop and chooses so many teddies, sanskaar looks shocked and says are all these teddies for you
Swara says you should see my bedroom.

Swara then makes Sanskaar run after as she keeps going to different shops.

Sanskaar: what happened Swara?
Swara:the latest bag of Michael kors is out
Sanskaar is tired of holding the bags.

At home sugata and everyone comes and sees what they got.
Sugata: before the wedding have you got you your children’s toys
Swara: mom this for me
Sugata: that’s okay but why do you have all these bags and high heels I sent you to buy saree and jewellery
Swara: mom this is all sanskaars fault
Sanskaar: what
Swara: I told him him but he kept on pampering me
Sanskaar: Swara told lie

Everyone laughs.
Promo: sanskaar comes to swaras room and romances with her, just when Laksh comes with ragini.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. Hei Mumina,good yaar,I was thinking were ur ff is…I have just reached fan fiction episode 4 n u chapter 10,wow….keep it up.

  2. Ur writing skill is soo..beautiful.keep writing and I love to read it..

  3. hey it’s becoming boring yaar…everything so soon and so common..u can make it more interesting…sorry if u felt bad

  4. Plz update next ff fast……..this is so gud eagerly waiting for nest ff…

  5. study well for ur exams ………. all the best 🙂

  6. Hey mumina,
    Your ff is just mind blowing
    Plz continue it and make it a quite long
    And plz post next update fast
    And one more thing plz make some obstacles in swasan romance or marriage to make it quite interesting
    Sry if u r hurt by this
    My intention is not 2 hurt u
    Once again sry

    1. Don’t worry I was thinking that as well

  7. hi mumina I appreciate ur skills.its really interesting..

  8. Nice mumina !!!☆☆☆

  9. lol this is f****** interesting please make some more of swasan

  10. Very good ??

  11. Mumina next episode kab upload karogi? 🙂
    Waiting for your reply

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