Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 1

Hi guys I’ve been reading quite a lot of fan fiction of Swaragini these days and I thought of making my own one.
I know it’s not that good so you may say bad stuff if you want.

The scene stars after ragini’s truth is revealed and Durga prasad ask swara to come along with them to a family friends birthday party as she is now considered as family.

Swara wakes up in the morning and realises she is late. She quickly gets ready and wears this beautiful red saree with her hair out. She finally arrives at maheshwari house and greets everyone. Laksh and sanskaar both get mesmerised seeing her. Durga prasad says that swara will go with sanskaar in his car. Sanskaar in his head says finally I can speak to swara alone. Laksh stands there jealous.

In the car phir mohabbat song plays in the radio and they both feel awkward so swara changes the music. Both at the same time say each other’s name and sanskar tells swara to say first. Swara says can we become friend again sanskaar I’m tired of this sanskaar looks disappointed but is still happy that they can be friends still.

When they arrive swara realises that the Durga prasads friends sons birthday day party is of swaras old childhood friend abhi short for abhimanyu. At first when anhi comes to swara she doesn’t recognise him but then remembers. Durga prasad asks swara wether she knows him and swara replies he’s her childhood friend. Laksh and sanskaar are jealous seeing swara so friendly with him.

Promo: swara starts dancing with abhi and then sanskaar gets angry and pulls swara and dances with her.
Later it will be shown abhi uniting swara and sanskar

Sorry for mistakes and once again you may say bad things I don’t mind.

Credit to: Mumina


  1. Jennifer?

    Aweeesooommmeee….plz update precap as soon as possible….
    I Really appreciated your creativity mumina dear….keep up the good work…??????

  2. Aparna

    No yaar. It’s not bad at all. Awesome yaar n i really like ur name. Swasan forever. Plz keep going. I know all the swasan fan will luv it. Swasan is the best couple. Do hell with laksh.

  3. Veena

    Actually wish to contribute to fan fiction bt absolutely no idea hw to do it,Can somebody help,is it enough to post herehere in comment column

    • Mumina

      Hey veena you have to go to the contact page on this website and send your fan fiction.
      I hope it helped ???

  4. Veena

    Thanks a lot for the info Mumina.if I can manage putting into words Shall surely post it…continue…waiting for more from u…m a Swasan fan..


    too good..
    your story is the best..
    than what is been shown in the serial…
    please do continue..its wonderful..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.