Swaragini ( you and me SWASAN ) episode 2


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The ep starts in Gadodia mansion :
‘Swara plz eat something it’s been days u haven’t eaten anything ‘ said sumi … ‘ no , mom I don’t want to eat anything plz don’t force me ‘ said swara in a sad voice …. ‘ do u know what I called dida , she said she is returning to Kolkata in 2 days ‘ ‘ hmm… That’s nice ‘ swara’s tone was not exited as it used to be whenever she talked about dida … ‘ Shona … It’s been days u haven’t went to that children’s orphanage … Few days ago those children’s came here to ask about u , y don’t u go meet them today , u will get fresh air and even nice environment to cheer u up ‘ …. Swara looks at her mom for some seconds and then says ‘ ok ..’

Maheshwari mansion :
Sanskar : mom I’m going to office for some office work I will be late at night ..
Ragini : u must come early sanskar we r going to watch girls for u , u should come along , and I bet u will find sum1 better then that cheater swara …
Sujhata : sanskar ok . U go for work I will keep ur dinner at the table , plz do eat it ..
Sanskar : no mom I will eat at the office
Ragini : sanskar u must come back home early bcuz I told u to come back home early ..
Sanskar : Just get a life ragini , u can not even be insulted , bcuz insulting u means , insulting the adjective .. And I don’t wanna insult it cuz of a jerk like you ….
Ragini : sanskar mind ur Lang. Ur talking to the owner ….
Sanskar : owner my foot , I m talking to a thief a criminal a patient from an asylum , ragini do u knw wht every one in this house wants to say to u .. ‘ GO DIE ‘ .. Bcuz u r not less then a devil from hell ….
And he leaves out of the house angrily ….
Ragini get angry and he calls someone Nd says my work must be done today and I don’t want any mistakes ….

In the car :
Sanskar : how can that dumb ragini think that I will love someone else other then my swara ….she is my life I love her more then myself ….then Sanskar inner voice cried out saying ” then y did u divorced her if u loved her so much ” ‘ I didn’t wanted her to bear this torture at my house , she must be tired of giving explanations against ragini and proving herself correct .’
He was busy in his thoughts and his car suddenly hit some one …. He got shocked and got out of car to have a look …. ‘ omg ! Swara !!!!! , wht was she doing infront of my car ? ‘ …. everyone was taunting santy for not driving properly and being drunk but he ignored them all and picked swara and placed her on the front seat …. He kept his handkerchief on her head wound to prevent more bleeding and drove to hospital … He called her parents to the hospital ….
Swara was taken to the operation theatre bcuz she had excessive bleeding and was unconscious … Sumi and shekhar came …. They looked At sanky and his clothes which were filled with blood ….. Sumi and shekhar asked swara but he couldn’t utter a word ….

Finally the doc. Came out … Everybody rushed to him and asked about swara’s well bring ,
Doc : sorry mr. Sanskar , I can’t say anything about the patient right now , she has internal injuries in her head and has lost a lot of blood , we can only pray to God now for her , so that she may gain consciousness …..
The doc. Left each one of them shattered , Sanskar fell on his knees and sumi and shekhar cried a lot and hugged each other …..
Swara was shifted to the private ward …. Maheshwaries weren’t informed about this incident …. As they were bearing a lot of pain b4 ….
The ep ends here in split pictures of Sanskar looking at her from the door window and swara laying still with her eyes closed ….

Precap : swara is still unconscious ….

Credit to: Nahal

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