Swaragini Swasan Continued


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Simar comes and meets Swara and the whole family. The police come; they say we have come to arrest Swara Maheshwari. Swara is shocked. Annapurna says that arrest her she has kidnapped Ragini. Swara is shocked but cries and is silent. Simar tries stopping the inspector but the inspector takes her. Sanskaar and Laksh believe that Swara is the culprit. Swara tells Sanskaar that she is innocent but he doesn’t believe her so she leaves silently. Swara is at the police station is crying. She tells Simar, that she did not kidnap Ragini. Swara is in jail for a week. She doesn’t talk to anyone. The inspector gets an envelope and looks at pictures of a girl but not Swara kidnapping her. He releases Swara and apologises to her for arresting her when she is not the culprit. Swara leaves. There is a puja going on in the maheshwari family. The inspector comes and the whole family go to him. The inspector says we came to pass these items to Mrs Swara. Sanskaar says but she is in jail. The inspector says we released her in the morning as she is innocent. Ragini says she might be faking it. The inspector says no we have got evidence it is someone else. Everyone is shocked. Sanskaar cries. Sumi gets a phone call from Dida and says Swara has come home and is having breathing difficulty and I’m taking her to hospital. Sumi tells everyone. They look at Dida bringing Swara. Swara is having breathing difficulty and her face is all pale and she is sweating them then sees white foam coming out her mouth. The doctor checks her and gives her an oxygen mask and then gives her unconscious injection. The doctor tells them someone has given her a poison injection. Everyone is shocked. They suddenly hear Swara screaming in pain. They try going in but the door is locked. They see someone trying to harm Swara. Sanskaar and Laksh break the door. They catch the guy and beat him up. The doctor quickly checks Swara and put an oxygen mask on her and gives her electric shocks and then she goes in to coma. The doctor tells everyone that she is in coma. Everyone cry. The inspector is holding the guy. Simar looks at the guy and is shocked. She slaps him. Shekher says do you know him. Simar says when I and Swara went out during the wedding, this guy tried raping the girl but Swara caught him and beat him up and got him arrested. Simar then says he also tried throwing acid on Swara when she got released from jail.

1 week later

Swara is out of coma. She is at home but resting. She looks at Sanskaar lovingly and so does he. Swara is talking to him and says thank you for looking after me. She gets up and says to Sanskaar I know you are meant to be saying this first but I am saying this. I Love You Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari. Sanskaar is shocked and happy. He then says I Love You Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari. He then pulls her from the waist and pulls her closer and kisses her. Swara is happy as she finally has got a true loving husband. They consummate their marriage. In the morning Swara need to go to the bathroom but Sanskaar has gone in. Swara gets angry and tells Sanskaar to hurry up. He is trying to annoy her. Swara then fakes it and screams that she is having pain. Sanskaar gets tensed and then rushes out. Swara pushes him and runs in to the bathroom. Sanskaar laughs. Swara is finished and gets dressed in a turquoise dress and gets ready. Her is opened and is straight. She then feels a bit weak it stumbles, Sanskaar says are you alright. She says she is fine.

Credit to: Harkaaz

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  3. Wat d hell!!!
    how can swara say I love u, even though sanskar has not appologised to swara for not trusting her…..and he evn trust her….it should be him who should b going to her….

  4. Any ways its a nyc story….keep going!!!!!!

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  6. its nice bt sanskar should apologize swara
    how come sudden confession

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