swaragini (swasan) best couple ever episode 1


This is a swasan ff. I will start this story from where sanskar and Kavita are in temple, while Swara is looking for Urvashi.

The episode starts with sanskar trying to throw the color on Kavita, but at nick of time, she bends down and the red color gets on Swara’s mang. Both of them are shocked.
Kavita: I know that both of you guys love each other because Laksh had told me everything. I knew that you guys won’t unite until I’m here because both of you felt that I’m weak and can’t bear the truth, so I made a plan to unite you both and yesterday night I had called Urvashi aunty and asked her to help me unite you guys. Me bringing Sanskar to temple and Urvashi leaving from home at the same time was all planned. By the way, thank me because the holi idea was mine.
Saying this she left from there. Swara and Sanskar hugged each other and Sanskar proposed her for marriage for which Swara happily said yes! They were going home suddenly, swara sees pani puri on the way and ask sanskar to stop. They both eat pani puri and spend some time alone. They talked all day and romance. At 9pm they leave to go home.

Swara and sanskar reached and everyone was shocked to see them holding hands, but were happy at the same time.
Sanskar: bade papa…I want to marry Swara
Dp got happy: alright Sanskar! We are glad that you made great decision on time.
Everyone started talking about marriage preparation and etc. Anupurna asked Sanskar to drop Swara at her home as they can’t see each other before marriage. Ragini drags swara from there and takes her to raglak room.
Ragini: swara. I’m really sorry for my past behavior. I did really wrong with you, please forgive me.
Swara: nahi Ragini. No need to apologize. I forgive you.
Ragini: I’m really happy for you and Sanskar.
Swara sees marks on Ragini’s neck.
Swara teasingly: ohh hoo! Tumhare gardan pe kya hain?
Ragini was confused but then realized what Swara meant.
Ragini blushed while swara hugged her (swaragini played)


Credit to: Yamuna

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