swaragini swara + ragini = ? (Intro)


hi am jane from chennai i am not good in writing but i wish i can try my level best

ragini:a cute girl who likes a sister but she does not show it ,good in painting
swra: a smart and clver girl who like her sister , book worn
laksh: a cute handsome guy ,who does anything 4 his brother
sanskar: a nice ,handsome guy who love 2 flirt
rest r the same from the story
so lets begin now
ragini: swara wake up v have reached the collage stop sleeping get up
swara: plz plz mom 5 more minutes let me sleep
ragini pours water on swara’s face and said ragini i am not ur mother am ur sister ok it s not our house ok v r in our car
swara: kk ladoo

sence sifts 2 mm
sanskar:laksh it s our new collage so don’t be late i will go now u come after droping uthara
laksh :ok bhai i will not be late
so guys its up 2 u 2 comment or not u can give ur suggestion on pairs i thought ragsan and swalak if u want i will change

Credit to: jane betty

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  1. Ragsan plz

  2. Its imp to make ur own decisions if u have decided u want to make ragsan then make it do not ask people because if u ask for voting it will hurt swasan fans if ragsan fans win or if swasan fans win it will hurt ragsan fans but if u make a decision abt a pair the others who like the other pair will not say anything and leave so i request u to stick to ur decision and go on

  3. Swasan plsss

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