swaragini swara + ragini = ? (Episode 3)

thanks 4 comments if am boring plz tel me plz plz the episode starts laksh and ragini r sitting their class and painting
ragini:laksh can v teach a nice lesson 2 swara and her gang
laksh: ragini no it s wrong
ragini:but wat they did 2 u is also wrong
laksh:stop it no ragini i will not allow u 2 do it understand
ragini:(in mind) something wrong with this lucky
seen sifts 2 swara sitting in library
swara:wat is happening with this ragini nowadays she thinks herself as my mother
raj:omg i don’t no wat is ragini s eating it is still pain see it it has become reddish
kaaviya:leave it guys u know about ragini right if find it is wrong she wil not leave it if she finds that is her mistake she will be the first person 2 apologiz
seen sifts 2 lucky and ragini having coffee in the canteen
lucky: ragini u know that i have a bother sanskar
ragini:is it

ragini was about 2 say about swara is her sister but a voice came hey lucky the voice came behind ragini so ragini did not notice
laksh: bhai just now i was thinking about u.u came here
it is our sanskar
sanskar: that is sanskar,oh lucky i think u got a frnd here
laksh: yes bhai this s ragini gadodia my frnd
hearing the ragini gadodia sanskar felt something strange he sat beside ragini
laksh: bhai ragini saved me from that racoon
sanskar is continuously straring ragini he take his eyes from
ragini:lucky is already late i have 2 go home
hearing this sanskar felt bad but happy 2 hear her voice
lucky:kk ragini by
ragini:bye lucky ,bye sanskar
sesn sift 2 swaragini house
swara and ragini is sitting in different direction ragini in left swara in right .
ragini: u r still angry on me so only u left me in the collage and came alone 2 house
swara: s offcourse u bet my your friend raj no not ur frnd my frnd raj
ragini: it s just kid stuff do u know swra i came home with raj he accepted his mistake
swara:(in mind) u don’t know ragini hw he made me cry in the school days
ragini: swra r u still angry
swara: no ladoo no

ragini:lets go out
swara:srry ladoo i have 2 study
episode ends sanskar thinking about ragini
guy i think u like it but sry there less swara’s part u will see soon
once again thank 4 ur comment

Credit to: janebetty


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