Swaragini or Swara the Mahan/Swasan???


Hi Lila here….read at ur own risk I don’t wanna waste anyone’s time…so just warning before…im not being rude or anything just saying…sorry if I sound rude…

As u may have been noticing the show swaragini has again become Swara the mahan or should I should I say swasan… seriously… The show doesn’t make any sense now…making the main leads negative first and the bring stupid twists and turns….

Does anyone remember what the show is called?

SwaRagini…that’s right…but the makers have failed to show that… They are always showing Swara or Swasan… Which is disappointment for Ragini/Tejeswi’s fans because a lot of people watch the show for and I’m one of them…. Its getting really annoying now that the mahasangam episodes are also with swara only and she gets to be with other people….as u may remember that the monday episode of mahasangam with krishndasi…only swara… whole epi was about swara saving and finding clues… And then the Rang de colours episode….again only swara working and helping… whilst ragini just dances on one song….I mean are the makers forgetting that the show is called swaragini…and not swara the mahan or swasan because of that’s what they are gonna show then why don’t they change the show name…

The upcoming track where Ragini takes Sanskar’s place in jail… And now swasan will be seen working together…see what I mean… Why couldn’t swara and ragini work together and solve the problem…after all the show is on their name…

To be honest I left watching the show when my favourite pairs weren’t decided….which are swalak and ragsan…but I still I came back to watch the show…. Because when I started watching this show it wasn’t because of it’s pairs…but because of its unique story and the sister bonding…but when the they made swara mahan and ragini villan I left watching….and then one day I was listening to Swaragini’s title song and it made realise the reason I started watching the show again…but now again the show is doing the same thing….

This show is not swaragini it’s Swasan or swara the mahan…

What do u think the name of the show is?

sorry guys if I hurt anyone’s feelings…didn’t mean to…just had enough of the show now…

Credit to: Lila

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  1. I agree vh u lila.it is only swasan not swaragini

  2. Im totally agree wid u

  3. Teju deserves much better and thnx cvs for making me hate swara and pls free teju and nami from this crap

  4. Aliya Zain Abdullah

    Hey if u dont like it pls keep it within urself. Pls dont make publicity like dis n degrade d actors. U dont have any rite 2 do dat.?

    1. hey she was not degrading the actors
      she was just telling about he fictional characters of the show

  5. if u don’t like the show the leave it..bt u don’t have the right to insult helly/ swara & swasan & swasan fan..its hurt us..

    1. She wasn’t insulting helly..whatever she said is true and people have the right to express their feelings

  6. lila luks like ur prob is not wit d title or d pairs,its wit swara!cmon even i love tejasvi,y do u think shes not given importance? infact swaragini wouldnt be a hit witout her! coming to her negative role,she just nailed it and proved her acting ability! d makers of d show feel dat we would like d twists so dey introduce it,but likeing it or not is left to u! and in d upcuming track swasan to search for proof cos dey want raglak to spnd quality tym and laksh realise his mistake! and dat rang de colors is not in d hands of makers of swaragini,so we cant just interprit! dude just get out d positive tings frm a negative ting u see,u wil be more dan satisfied!
    sry if i was rude…

    1. I agree with u

      1. ur r ryt

  7. Even I’m pissed off… This is really annoying it’s always Swara Swara Swara..I mean what the heck??? Ragini is suppose to get as much importance as Swara. I’m not blaming helly for this because it’s the writers fault. They have failed to gave equal importance to both lead actress. I can imagine how namish and teju must be feeling right now as I’m their huge fan..in the beginning lakshya was getting more importance along with Swara because he is her BF but now it’s sanskar because he is her husband. It seems like the importance of each and character in the show depends on who Swara is with. I’m fed up with up now. The only reason for me to watch this show is ragini. I’m not even from North India, I’m South Indian and I don’t even live in India but I always manage to find some time to watch this show hoping that their will be some raglak scene. The writers are show partiality and as a raglak fan I don’t like that and I can’t never agree with that. It not fair for raglak and raglak fans..??

    1. I just realize that I made a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes?. I was really angry so I didn’t even bother to go back and read what I wrote before posting it…

  8. No you are right even I’m a Swasan fan but I always wonder why they only show Swara….. It’s on both Swara and Ragini…. Swaragini…. But don’t anything…. Teju really deserves the award bcz her acting is awesome but don’t know why they didn’t nominated her….. And I just hate the writer for making her like this

  9. guyz I think u all are getting me wrong I don’t have any personal problem with swara….what I meant is that Cvs are giving swara nd swasan so much importance when the show is actually called SwaRagini…..I m not degrading anyone…all I am saying is that Swara and Ragini should get equal importance which is not shown in the show….and it is unfair for tejaswi’s fans…..plz understand I have no problem with swara….

  10. i agree with u completely nowadays i started hating swara because of this .ragini is far better than helly

  11. Agree with u lila

  12. Totally correct

  13. guys y we have to fight for dis guys????d actress dint have any pblm n dis guys…..den y we have to fight???dey r satisfied wid dis characters nd script guys…..if not dey would have quit d show bt dey dint…..nd pairs dey dint change it guys…..i read n one heva iv guys in dat varun told dat swasan s d pair its decided before his entry itself guys…..when they dnt have any objection y we should have guys…..guys cvs want teju n d show so dat only dey talked with her nd dey stop her from quiting…..so dis itself a big thing…..

  14. Even I agree with u… This serial is SWARAGINI but they are giving imp oly to Swara… This is not fair… They showed Sanskar as negative role the Ragini and now Laksh and y not Swara because she is the lead I think and they are side actors … The cvs have forgot tat even they r in lead role… Every time they show abt Swara the Mahan … Y cnt they make Ragini solve the prob alone… Ragini should have got they award… She nailed in her acting skills in negative role… Her characters were changing frm silent girl to negative role then memory loss then heart broken and she did all the characters perfectly… But for Swara just one character… And she got the award…

  15. The award and all Idk and idc…
    But its not fair to blame swara or helly for this…
    She’s only doing what the director is telling..
    And like Shan said when teju and all don’t have a problem, then y should we… they are happy with their role… so let them be…
    I’m more satisfied by the track… its so surreal.. a smoke bomb, raging taking sanskaar’s place and the police won’t figure it out??
    I mean c’mon…
    Anyways… both of them are good actors, both of them are happy with their role… a show… so let’s just sit and enjoy..

  16. Absolutely that’s why I don’t even interested in reading the episodes also I am just reading the ffs only

  17. what is your problem? from 3 days they don’t show swasan only swaragini.. now you will get ragya also.. i hate when tejaswi fans bashing helly or swara everytime.. do you have no job else than this.. ? they are actors getting nore money and fame.. but some jobless people are wasting their time for bashing others.. get a job and lead a life don’t interfere in others life . id you don’t want don’t watch . why seeking attentionby doing these cheap things? disgusting

    1. agree with you they are bashing helly without any reason

    2. Even me too agree with u anu u r right…. Lila if u dnt like den stop watchng no one here force u to watch…nd stp makng dese nuisance..so stp bashng ma shona nd ma cute helly…why u guys s after swara like ragini do???why r u guys r so jealous???

  18. Lila…i know u like Ragini a lot but by writing this u r hurting Swara’s fans….and about Swaragini…even i did not get this..they just joined the name of the heroin and the villain…and made it Swaragini…..when Tejaswi doesn’t have any prob then y r u all fighting? After what Ragini did…her past mistakes…all that…..U will definitely find more Swara fans…thats obvious..and Swara being mahan…..Ragini WAS selfish and negative…so kisi ko toh mahan honahi padega….Swara agar mahan nehi banti toh tumhari Ragini kabhi bhi nehi sudharti…. get that?

  19. True!! They r only showing swara everywhere. Ragini is nothing. I’m frustrated because of this seriously. I hope that the makers see this article and then tighten their screw and act according to the title ‘SWARAGINI’. I like swara also very much but I feel like ragini being a talented actress not getting any opportunity to express it. I want both swara and ragini

  20. Yaa,..i want both swaragini having equal importance

  21. I have read all comments.some of them were saying that you(lila) are wrong and you are hurting swara’s fan.but you are right they are giving much importance to swara.in one comment i saw that someone wrote jobless people say that swara is given much importance.but i would like to ask her a question that if ragini is really getting importance?for this i am not blaming helly.i also know the actors have no problem their characters.but their fans have because they love their fav actors.they have the right to say anything about their fav actor.the cvs made ragini selfish and swara mahan.we are not blaming swara for that.we are just saying that swara is given much importance.and you all swara’s fan got hurt over a little thing.i know many of you will say that if i thing it a little thing.then let me tell you i think it’s a little thing as you all thing giving ragini less importance is little thing. Lila you are right.i know you have no problem with swara.but you want both of them to get equal importance.but those swara’s fan misunderstood you.they think you have problem with swara

    1. Ya I agree wat u said but to be quite honest I really liked ragini in negative role ..I mean her acting was really so amazing that ppl hatedvragini for her negativeness which means she was doing great acting but tejaswi herself did quitting drama thatshe will quit the show if her character isn’t positive. N now wen her character is positive she is not given much importance. If u knw the serial “UTTARAN” even in that serial one was negative and one was positive n both had equal importance so I think if tejaswi had continued with negative acting she would have been given importance.

  22. not gud view I know u love teju but just don’t blame swara for that it hurts others …

  23. Some of u, who are comparing helly with tejeswi..let me tell u one thing, this is not about tejeswi or helly..both are talented actors..because of them u started loving SwaRagini characters..so please, don’t compare them with each other..and lila, i love both swara and ragini, that’s why i agree with u..SwaRagini should get equal importance and i think, cvs is working on it because in these days, i see no swasan scenes but swaragini..so instead of worrying, lets enjoy the show..???

  24. Varsha Darshini Jain

    I totally agree with u. I luv Ragini a lot bt tere are onl few scenes of her. She is als cute and intelligent, she should get importance. Even I lik swara bt nt to the core as Ragini

  25. Hello janebetty dont compare the fictional characters with actors….for ur kind information helly is far far better than nagini…ma helly is so swt nd cute not like dat bi**h ragini who running after others happiness…we r nt takng tejaswis name so be in ur limit

  26. U r right Lila. By the way, guys its not about the fight or anything, discriminating ur best actors but its the fact which a huge fan’s couldn’t digest.
    The serial is nothing without swara or ragini, so they must have to be given equal importance, if any one of the actor quit the show means a huge no. of fan loss, that’s y ragini is still on the show. I also wish her to quit the show than being a wallflower of the show. Criticising anything is not a wrong thing, n when it is especially about the entertainment field. So, be positive guys n take it as one.

  27. I completely agree with you lila. And even ragini was given the chance of helping them get out of the jail because swara(helly) was having her exams. So they had no option. I am also one of those who watch the show for tejaswi and namish and if they only are turning negative and importance due to them is not being given I also soon will stop watching the show if this is not corrected

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