swaragini- SWALAK and SANRAG


Thank you for all your comments. And I will continue this and hopefully ragini will turn positive but for 2 or 3 episodes she will stay negative and sorry for swasan fans but I just want a bit of SWALAK fun. Please comment how you feel

Everyone is shocked with what has happened. Ragini shouts that she doesn’t accept this marriage. But then DP says that you tried to ruin swara’s life by marrying laksh and now you are married to sanskar and we have to all accept this including you. After the farewell ceromny. Laksh says that he will marry swara right at this moment. Ragini is fumming with anger. Swara at first doesn’t agree but dadi tells her that it’s best for her.swara and laksh also get married and swara tearfully says bye to her mom, dad and dadi.
At DP’s house Anarpurna does swara’s grav parverah and sujata angrily does raginis.they both enter the house and utara takes swara to laksh’s room which is decorate beautifully and wishes her good luck. And parineta takes ragini to sanskars room which isn’t decorated as no one knew this was gonna happen and tells her that even though she’s done wrong she is still sanskars legally wedded wife. Ragini angrily comes in the room and takes of her jewellery and promises to take revenge from swara and sanskar for snatching her love.
On the other hand swara sits on the bed remembering what ragini had done and has tears in her eyes thinking of swaragini moments. Then laksh enters and sees her with tears in her eyes and removes her tears saying that ragini will realise her mistakes and they will become Swaragini again. Swara hugs laksh tightly and thanks him for his support. Laksh says no thank you no sorry in our relationship.
In sanskars room sanskar enters and says he’ll sleep on the sofa and she can sleep on the bed. They both go to sleep and ragini angrily looks at sanskar and remembers how he snatched her love.
The next morning laksh wakes up and smiles looking at swara and then goes to have a shower .
In SANRAG’s room ragini comes out dressed as a proper marwadi daughter in law. She is about to fall and sanskar catches her they have an eyelock.
In SWALAK’s room laksh realises he forgot his towel and calls out swara to pass him the towel.swara laughs at him n gets the towel to pass it to him and then laksh pulls her in the bathroom and he accidently puts the shower on and they have an eyelock.

Precap.. sanskar and laksh drop swara and ragini to there house as per the ritual. Everyone welcomes swara and close the doors on raginis face.

Credit to: FJ

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  1. Thanxs …..I love ragsan but again u r making swara as mahan&ragini as a worst girl just in the original serial.but no one considers her pain.which provokes her to make all this..I won’t read u r ff from now on

  2. This is good. I have always liked ragsan. Please make ragini positive soon.
    Thanks and update soon.

  3. Hmmm good going….

  4. You should give episode number……plz and thanks for ragsan.

  5. Good continue

  6. Plz continu FJ i really like ur story

  7. Good work, interesting… Thanks for making swalak as couple..

  8. thank u thank u very much i luvvvv swaalak and yeah i hate ragini but i luv ragsan tooo and make ragini positive for her fans yaar nyc ff

  9. Good work really very nice next episode early plz

  10. nice..but plz turn ragini positive

  11. Where is part 1???????? Where does this ff start from. I love ragsan can someone give me the link to pervious parts

  12. nice dear. continue plz

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