swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN

Thank you again for your comments I know u want ragini to be good but please wait You’ll see as the episodes go on

Swalak are under the shower and have an eyelock. Then they realises that they are wet and laugh. And laksh asks swara to say I love u. Swara says no. Laksh says please or I won’t let u go. Swara says ok I……. Love ma and baba an runs out.

Swalak and Ragsan come down with each other. Walking side by side. Swara touches everyone’s feet for blessings an everyone blesses her. Ragini also touches everyone’s feet for blessings but everyone is uninterested. Ragini and swara along with parineta and Anarpurna and sujata make breakfast and swara goes to ragini that let’s forget about what happened and sujata goes leave her or you’ll turn bad. Then the ladies serve breakfast and DP praises the food. SWALAK do masti under the table and when swara tries to get up laksh doesn’t let her, everyone realises and smile. DP then tells SWARAGINI to get ready for the paghpera ritual.
In RAGSAN’s room ragini is unable to tie the back of her sari and sanskar comes and helps them and after he’s done they have an eyelock.
In SWALAK’s room laksh comes to swara and shows her a beautiful necklace which he bought for her, a makes her wear it swara says thanks and they kiss and swara then says I love u and then have an eyelock.
SWALAK and RAGSAN come to the baadi for the paghpera ritual. sharmista runs to Swaragini and hugs the both of them and takes them inside but when ragini is entering they shut the door on her face. Ragini has tears in her eyes.
Inside sharmista and swara say to shekar and dadi to forgive ragini she’s imature and just forgot the right way for a bit but we will try and change her and she needs our love. Then they agree and ragini comes in and apologies. Swara and sharmista speak in her room and then ragini enters and says to swara that she is very sorry for her mistakes and will do anything for her forgiveness. Swara says I already forgave you as you are my sister and we are Swaragini. Sharmista hugs them and the three smile.

Precap.. ragini says that she decided that she wants a divorce and and doesn’t want to hurt this family anymore. The lawyer comes and says that RAGSAN can only get divorced after 3 months. Will love blossom in that time?

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  1. Hmmm sweet…..pls update soon…..

  2. I want ragsan romance… plz

  3. Nice dr

  4. awwww grtttt plz more swalak scenes lyk nokjhok

  5. Ofcourse it will blossom
    After marriage is not a joke

  6. Super dear but try to elaborate scenes and make it a bit long. I really loved your plot. All the best dear.

  7. love will blossom because ragsan had an eyelock and if sanskar doesnt love ragini then why did he tie her sari for her

  8. Amazing part. Glad that ragini realized her mistakes. Please add more ragsan scenes. Really looking forward to their story.
    Update soon

  9. Exactly I think

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