swaragini (swalak and ragsan) true lovers made by heaven (Episode 1)

hey guys iam back wid my first part thanks to all my readers and commenters sorry guys dat i was not able to reply to u guys as i have netwrk problem so here i go
Gadodia mansion:
Two girls are seen sleeping one is wearing pink sleevless top she is our swara and pajama and another girl is wearing sky blue night suit and she is our ragini both are sleeping peacefully..
A lady is seen calling swaragini to wake up she is non other dan our sumi she came to swarag room to make her princess wake up
sumi:shona,lado wake up its too late dear and tomorrow u guys have college too wake up now brkfst is ready come down soon
SwaRag:coming mom 🙁 (in sleepy tone)

IN THE DINING TABLE : dadi and dida are talking abt their old days and our swaragini comes der dey take blessing of both d elders sumi comes der and all join in brkfst table (shekhar has went to mumbai for sum buisness work)
Maheshwari mansion:
Two guys are seen one is getting ready and luking fab he is our sanky and the other one is seen sleeping and he is our laksh
sanky:lucky wake up yaar aur kitna soyega
lucky:kya bro sone dena its too early chal tu bhi soja
sanky: abey nautanki chal uth mai jaaraha hoon tu bhi aaja
lucky:okay…(and he finally wakes up and went to washroom.
Both guys are ready and went to mall fo sum shopping
and in gadodia mansion:swarag too gets ready and leave for doing shopping
In a mall:both swarag and sanlak are doing shopping

precap:swarag and sanlak meet eachother

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