swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN Part 5


SWALAK are sitting in there room and are really that the first part of there mission is done. The room service man comes with the food. SWAl says thanks to him and he leaves. They eat and laksh gets some food on his mouth. Swara tells him and he tries to find where it is an then puts some on swara’s face saying is it there. Swara smiles and then puts some on laksh’s face and they have a food fight. At the end they smile looking at the mess.

In RAGSAN’S room they are in bed and all of a sudden receive a message they check it out and it turns out to be the video of there dance and kiss. They get shocked. Sanskar asks ragini not to worry. They play it again and again thinking about it.
The next morning SWALAK come to RAGSAN’S room and say that today they wanna go to the beach and beg RAGSAN to come with them, and they agree.

RAGSAN and SWALAK are waking on the beach and then some goons come and kidnap ragini. Everyone is shocked and then sanskar goes and chase the goons. He grabs his car but the goons are in front of him. He doesn’t know which way they went right or left. He thinks of ragini and then spots her bangle and goes right he spots some guards an beats them and runs inside to save ragini. Ragini hugs sanskar tightly being scared and then let’s go. They all go back to the hotel. Swara says she’ll stay with ragini for a bit. She sits by ragini and says thank God sanskar was there to save her and ragini says yeah. She tells ragini that I feel sanskar has some feelings for you or else he wouldn’t have rushed to save you. Ragini says don’t say anything. Swara says I feel even you like him you are blushing. Ragini says no. The swara says yes you do and ragini admits she does but thinks he doesn’t like him so begs her not to tell.

On the other hand sanskar and laksh are sitting and talking and then laksh says to sanskar that he feels that you like ragini. He says no. Laksh says then why did you run like mad for her. Sanskar says alright I do like her. Laksh says why don’t you tell her then. Sanskar says no probably don’t like me and tells him not to tell ragini or he won’t talk to her.

In SWALAK’s room they sit and discuss what ragini and sanskar said and smile saying we will make them admit there love. But laksh says but first complete your promise. Swara says what promises. Flashback.. swara says to laksh that if your plan works then we will get intimate. Laksh says promise swara says pinky promise.
Swara says when an jokes. The lights shut of and SWALAK get intimate.

Precap.. SWALAK and RAGSAN are sitting in a restaurant and then laksh and swara change RAGSAN’S drinks with alcohol.

Credit to: FJ

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