swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN Part 4

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SWALAK are sitting in their room thinking of plan b for mission RAGSAN but can’t think of anything and then laksh shouts idea and sara says what. Laksh says his plan muted to swara and swara says wow and smiles and they both say no mistakes.
Swara is about to leave to go out until she slips an laksh holds her and they have an eyelock.
Everyone is sitting on the table eating food and DP gives honeymoon tickets to SWALAK an RAGSAN. Sanskar says there was no need for this and he can’t go and ragini agrees but DP says this will be good maybe you can become closer during time and they agree. SWALAK say thanks.
In RAGSAN’S room ragini is packing and sanskar is about to pack an ragini says she’ll do it for him at first he says no but agrees an says he’ll help her. Ragini goes to get clothes from the cupboard and is about to slip over some clothes until sanskar saves her an they gave an eyelock. Ragini says thanks an they continue packing.
In SWALAK’S room they hug each other and smile saying DP just made it easier by allowing us to go on a honeymoon. They help each other pack and then laksh grabs swara saying we will also get to spend som time together and have fun.. swara smiles saying of course.
SWALAK and RAGSAN are ready and say bye to everyone and sujata says be careful of the witch ragini. Sanskar asks her to shush. And says bye and leaves with ragini and SWALAK.
The couples reach GOA for there honeymoon. They go to there rooms and sanskar asks for another room but the manager says there are no spare rooms and says sorry.
Swara suggests they all go to the park and they agree. At the park laksh says he has to make a phone call someone kidnaps swara and RAGSAN are unable to save her. Laksh comes back an asks what happened and sanskar tells. Laksh starts to cry where are you swara. Then goes out to look for her and comes back crying. Laksh, sanskar and ragini get a message saying if RAGSAN do a romantic dance they’ll leave swara or they’ll kill her. Sanskar says no we can’t but laksh begs them saying the kidnappers will kill her an it’ll be there fault. Even though they don’t want to they do a romantic dance in the song gerua and then kiss and have an eyelock before leaving each other. The van comes to the park and throws swara out. Everyone asks her if she alright an then laksh comes and asks her and they smile at each other thinking about how this was there plan.
In RAGSAN’s room sanskar says I know hat happened shouldn’t have happened but it did and they should forget it and sleep. Ragini is on the bed constantly thinking about it and can’t stop thinking about it same with sanskar.
In SWALAK’s room they smile thinking what they did and days part 1 done and tomorrow part 2 will be done as wel and hug.

Precap.. Swaragini along with laksh and sanskar are waking on the beach until some kidnaps ragini. Sanskar asks what is this. Sanskar chases after the kidnappers.

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